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The Will to Survive Essay

Survival is crucial for the living species and all of the living species struggle to survive in their habitat be it a human or crabs, the will to survive can be seen in all living species. Although the survival of the humans is different in the 21st century for most of the species survival means to be able to get enough to eat and stay away from dangers. Contrary to other species, most of the needs of humans to be fed and safe are met but they require survival in the competing world where they live. For instance, women struggle to survive and be well known in the male-dominated society, unlike mud crabs who try to survive in the crab eat crab world, from blue crabs. The Mud crabs use the smell of the urine of blue crabs to detect the danger and hide in order to survive but women focus on getting quality education to survive in the male-dominated world and get recognition. The paper discusses the will to survive using various mechanisms in the species using examples of mud crabs and Robbi Jo David to evaluate the necessity of survival for crabs and women drawing on the methods such as danger detection and education respectively.

The instinct theory suggested that all the species have some kind of biological mechanisms for maximizing the chances of survival. However, later learning theories validated the needs of survival in all species. The mechanism to optimize survival is not only embedded in the biology of the species but also learning theories. The species learn about the dangers and learn to defend themselves from the dangers. For instance, humans although have the fight and flight mechanism to be aware and protected from the dangers, they have built houses and locks to protect themselves from the dangers. Similarly, all the species learn to defend themselves on top of their biological mechanisms. For instance, forming colonies is another mechanism to be saved from predators. The cooperation assists organisms in defending themselves from the dangerous enemy. The adaptability to environment and learning can best be seen in pests and their adaptability to the pesticides. The pests learn to adapt to certain stresses that might be harmful to them. They change their genes to adapt and respond to certain threats that pesticides pose to them. Hence, the mechanisms of survivals are learned as well as a biological mechanism that assists the species to respond to the dangers using distinct mechanisms for distinct threats. Certain crabs have certain mechanisms to the response to the threats of the environment and their predators to maximize their survival. For instance, the mud crabs respond to the threats of blue crabs using the smell mechanisms. Although the mud crabs do not see blue crabs coming to eat them in the muddy water, they use smell detection methods to detect the dangers. They smell the chemical in the urine of the blue crabs and hide to ensure their safety. Similarly, other animals and plants use other mechanisms to defend themselves. The mechanisms of the crabs and other species usually depend on the staying away from the dangers of killing the invaders, unlike a human who has developed well-organized mechanisms to ensure the wellbeing. The various and updated mechanisms of self-defense in the species show the willingness to survive. The willingness to survive in human differs from the instinctual defenses other species. It does not only focus on the basic necessities but also encompasses the quality and satisfaction to achieve optimum conditions for survivals. The women example would suffice to explain the quality and optimal conditions of survivals. Moreover, it is not only the surviving but also living one’s life optimally. To ensure such a high level of survival humans came up with certain defenses. For example, building homes, getting an education. However, women were kept out of the educational institutions as the society was male-dominated. The women did not have access to the optimal and quality life but it changed slowly and women started going to school, getting an education and doing jobs. Regardless some of the fields were certain jobs were a field of education and jobs were considered off-limits for the women. Nevertheless, the strong will of women helped them create mechanisms to be included in all sphere of lives that were beyond the basic survival instincts. They depended on learning and achieving the goals to be recognized in the society and enjoy their lives equally.

One of the mechanism women used was to get an education and enhance their capacities to fit their environment. The survival mechanisms depend on the environment where the species lives. For instance, the muddy crab lives in muddy water and cannot see the blue crabs, they came up with the mechanism of smell detection. Similarly, women living with men in an organized community needs mental capacities and to polish their skills to be secure from the inequalities of the society as did the Robbi Jo David. Robbi Jo David became Robbi which an off-limit field for the women but she with her education and capabilities surpassed the limits and landed in the off limit jobs. The women in order to survive in the communities where mental and physical capabilities are tested every day must exceed the boundaries to achieve their goals of optimal survivals.

As surviving does not require the ability to be able to eat and stay away from dangers, for a human being it goes beyond the basic requirement of food and shelter to survive. The survival of women in the society landing in odd jobs or working hard to be scientists, philosophers, and mothers needs special education. It needs active efforts and learning like the crabs to be able to cope with the environment and survive. However, it is more complicated than the situation of crabs. Crabs need to eat and hide to be able to survive but humans need to remain in the society with the dangers and strive to be safe. For crabs and other species, it is easy to hide as long as they have enough food but women cannot hide forever from the society and social norms to be safe. They need to confront the problems and find solutions with proper planning to be safe in the society of men. They have to do more than taking care of their lives to survive in the society. They have to fight the injustices and inequalities. They have to educate and learn. They have to plan and execute. They have to be persistent to achieve their goals. They have to change the techniques to be able to cope with the situation and the changes in the environment. As they are living with other human beings, they have to come up with a strategy that does not offend anybody. They have to plan to be in harmony with the other human beings as lack of harmony might make the situation worse for them. In some cases leading to the death and animosities between people.

Therefore, surviving techniques differ for humans and other species and the meaning of survival has changed for women living in the human society and other species living in their environment. Regardless of the differences, women, as well as other non-human species, strive for survival. In the human words, most of the time education and learning techniques of social, political, analytic and specialization skills are helpful as in case of Robbi David. Robbi David used the education as the mechanism to become a Robbi, which is not considered to be women field. Robbi David planned and got the education that helped her become the Robbi. The education acted as a mechanism to survive in the male-dominated society and to land in the job. Similarly, other women use the same technique of education and learning to survive in the world that is hostile to them in one or the other ways. Nonetheless, the crabs and other non-human species respond to danger with a different set of techniques that are not socially as sophisticated but they have better adaptation techniques that assist them in survival.

Although the mechanisms of survival differ in human and non-human species, they both strive to survive according to their needs and requirements. Survival for all the species seems the high priority be it through the genes adaptation or proteins or other outside mechanisms to respond to the survival needs. All the human and non-human species try in some ways to maximize their chances of survival. They strive to push themselves to the next generations. For all non-human species, it is a way to live longer and safe but for humans, it is to improve the quality. The word survival in the human world has become crucial that they have applied it in every field. The survival has become part of living disease-free life combating the disease. Even though the non-human species have the similar threats of survival, threats to human survival have increased in number. Regardless of the numbers of threats to the humans or the other species, they struggle and combat all the evils to survive. They try to find new ways and solutions for coping with the challenges. The non-human species try to adapt changing their genetic makeup or incorporating their senses to respond to the threats. For instance, the crabs using their antenna and legs to smell the odor of the chemicals in the Urine of the Blue crab to survive.

To conclude, survival is important for all the human species and they try to optimize the chances of their survival. Survival is a necessity and every species try to survive by adapting their physical or genetic makeup or by focusing using other techniques to protect themselves from the predators. However, survival for human in 21st century differs in many ways as the notion of survival has changed from the basic needs of feeding and shelter to a more qualitative and comprehensive concept. Such a concept of survival covers the social aspects of survival where a person has to adapt to the environment and the competitions in the society to have a quality life. The concept of survival shifts from minimalist to a holistic approach where survival has become a comparative concept encompassing environment and other fellow species in order to survive. It also requires the person to plan carefully to achieve the target and survive in the society. Hence, the adaptability and survival have become a core subject as it ensures the continuity of the species as well as the wellbeing of the species. Therefore, all living species have come up with various techniques and their techniques differ from each other due to different needs and requirements for survival. For instance, crabs change their genes or they hide to stay safe or they use their senses to detect but human use techniques such as education and planning to obtain positive results and survive in their habitat.



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