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What is intrinsic motivation

Summary of the article

The article gives the information about one of the two types of motivations i.e. intrinsic motivation. This type of motivation comes from within or in other words driven by the internal rewards or satisfactions. Intrinsic motivation urges the individual to do stuff which naturally satisfies within. It is the opposite of the extrinsic motivation which satisfies our external needs. Research convinces that when an external reward is offered for an activity which is intrinsically driven undermines the performance. This concept is called the over-justification effect. There are some factors which increases our intrinsic motivation. These factors include challenge, curiosity, control, cooperation, competition, and recognition. When an individual aim for something or challenges himself or herself, he or she is more intrinsically motivated. When something from the external environment catches our attention, our curiosity raises the motivation to learn about that particular thing. We as humans naturally want control over ourselves and our lives. This sense of control increases the motivation intrinsically. Helping others and comparing oneself from others on the basis of performances also serve the purpose. Praise and recognition enhances our intrinsic motivation. Apart from these, there are many other factors which contribute in enhancing our intrinsic motivation and others by which it is decreased. Event or the situation in which the person is plays a major role in determining how a person motivates himself or the others around him.

Reflection of the article

The article is helpful in identifying and understanding the concept of the intrinsic motivations and the factors which enhance or decrease it. By understanding these concepts, we can have a clear idea about how the extrinsic motivation will work for us, and what factors will increase or decrease it. This useful information helps us in our real lives in identification of how these factors combine with the present situation and affect our motivation both internally and externally.

Personal experience of intrinsic motivation

From my personal experience, I would say that the factor which mostly increases my intrinsic motivation are praise and recognition of my achievements and activities. No matter what the situation is and what am I doing, thing which keeps me motivated from within is encouragement. Some people get motivated when others let them down or challenge them, but for me this strategy doesn’t work. I perform better in an environment where my work is recognized and admired by the people around me. Competition doesn’t apply on me either. In fact, it reduces my motivation to study or work. I always focus on my levels of performances. As far as extrinsic motivation is concerned, I have never studied well when offered a prize from my teacher. Rather, I have always looked forward to those encouraging and praising statements from my teachers. At the workplace, bonuses doesn’t really encourage me but that recognition from the team lead is what matters a lot for me to keep going and working harder.

Motivation and the bio psychosocial model

The bio psychosocial model also tells that an individual first prefers the intrinsic needs and then move on to satisfy external requirements or worldly pleasures. The most basic needs like hunger, thirst, shelter, and safety etc. requires intrinsic motivation to be fulfilled. We search for jobs and work with determination in order to fulfill our basic needs first. After the fulfillment of our physiological and safety needs, we are intrinsically motivated to prove our individuality and satisfy our self-esteem. We are naturally motivated to satisfy our needs of self-actualization; realization of one’s potential and finding self-fulfillment.


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