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Individuals are the ones who make any organization, and the process of so hiring and training high-level people is one of the central parts developmental strategies of any organization. Identifying the significance of individual development and enhancing their skills and knowledge, the HR department of the Emirates Group has initiated a high-level education program for their employees. All these programs are given to all employees. Education can be facilitated by different methods. Though there are many methods, some of the ways used to assist these programs include classroom, hands-on evaluation, e-learning, basic project training, and a combination of one or more of these.

As far as Emirates Group is concerned, Emirates Group has a centre for promoting learning, which allows for a learning environment for its employees. The main objective of the Emirates Group Learning portal is to provide an exclusive place of access, development, and education. It also provides an internet-based education for its workers. The development of staff through education is motivated by once-a-year vocational training in key areas that need education and development. Training can also be conducted through conferences, round table discussions, and through seminars. This is to keep skills up-to-date and help employees keep abreast of industry developments.

Emirates Group/Emirate Airline

It is known that the Emirates Group has a constant focus on the quality of work and facilities they have provided rather than the quantity of its services and products to clients. Emirates groups aim to provide outstanding services to the customer by providing comfort to all their customers so that Emirates Group is invoked by passengers. Emirates Group has one of the smallest A380 and Boeing 777 fleets in the world. In addition to the fleets, the Emirates Group has various lounges around the world to help start the passengers’ unforgettable experiences before starting the upper cabin and aviation classes.

HR Management in Training and Development in Emirate Group

The Human Resources section of the Emirates group is responsible for staff satisfaction and efficiency. In the UAE, this section ensures that it helps employees and the organization as a whole to achieve their strategic goals and objectives through the proper management and maintenance of their employees. To successfully achieve development and training, this group and its HR department make sure this thing that legal and political factors promote their staff development. Emirates Group has this edge in this case because the emirate group is owned by the government, so political factors help it. UAE government support ensures on their own behalf that this airline must have a competitive influence over all private airlines and provide the best development and training to its employees. The economy of the Emirates group depends on the government, so the government has a check and balance system over it. Furthermore, managing social and cultural factors is the responsibility of the HR department.

Training and Orientation

The management of Emirates Group believes that staff training and development are critically important to the organization’s success. Moreover, education is important because it focuses on the skills the employee achieves to improve the services provided in his / her direct work. In addition, Emirates’ position on training and development is that the end result is a significant profit for employees who ensure increased productivity and skills. In the UAE, a regular training curriculum was developed for staff. The organizers of the educational activities have to ensure that every worker’s needs are met or not. For that purpose cheapest approaches are chosen by the organization, and it ensures that there is one individual or department that permits employees to share their views and their ideas with others, thus improving one’s knowledge and learning.

The crew is one of the finest teams not only in the country but in the world as well. According to the organization’s annual report, airline employees are hired worldwide and trained on a particular platform. The crew of the aircraft, in collaboration with customers, devotes more than 6% of the annual income to the education and development of this team. In UAE, the best facilities and services can only be obtained through proficiency and efficiency. This is the key to meeting customer satisfaction. On the other side, other organization in this domain spends only 3% or 4% on education, training, and development.

Career Planning Development

Previously, employed people usually had no reason to change their jobs, but presently time and circumstances have changed, and people do prefer to change jobs in the chance to get better opportunities. It is not associated with a particular organization and is a work that extends through the competence of the project in a specific field. As a result, this organization has improved the social and cultural environment of their employees and increased the competitiveness of their work. This organization also seeks to develop its employees’s careers for the betterment of its employers. For instance, candidates with prior knowledge of customer service are very important for the organization. In other words, employees working in customer support organizations are very important for this organization. This is how this organization provides effective career planning and career development.

This organization uses human resource planning and career planning to ensure the selection and maintenance of the right candidates. It simply means that you need to have the right person for good work inside the organization. According to information from the UAE database, this process requires staff retention and training, as well as staff skills analysis. In particular, the UAE needs permanent staff. The reason is that the staff is ready for new challenges. To develop professionally, the staff is trained here to work in groups with colleagues from different cultures. This management of human resources allows you to effectively plan the appropriate personnel process for the entire organization.

This organization is reassuring that its employees are receiving their rights and they are responsible for performing their own rights. Through career development and continuing education, HRM provides employees with the responsibility to ensure they maintain relevant skills. For example, Emirates ensures that all employees have at least a higher degree and that all staff members are continuously involved. Professional swimming is a crucial step in a worker’s professional life and is carried out when development opportunities are minimal.

Opportunities Related to Career Development

Inside the airline, this group’s inner requests are considered earlier than outside applications for vacancies. These opportunities are published inside before being announced to outsiders. Emirates Group is a way to ensure the effectiveness and work professionalism of the whole office. As a result, employees have the opportunity to independently build their careers. Again, there are specific conditions for each candidate to meet in order to qualify for a job. These conditions force the employee to develop a high level of skill, better skills, and efficiency. Include an employee who will fill at least one year in the current job or section. The reason is that the employee can be accessed on the basis of his current work. In addition, the employee must satisfy all the minimum requirements of the position and receive the approval of the heads of the center.

Achievements through Development

Employers and managers are responsible for ensuring successful training and development of staff. Receiving recognition is a powerful tool to encourage employees to continue learning and develop themselves. Therefore, the Department seeks to identify the results achieved by staff, help them to motivate them, and make them aware of their acquired skills.

Training and Observation and Analysis of the Information

This organization is a leading organization in the aviation industry in employee development. The Emirates Group pursues strategies and policies oriented to final outcomes. The human resources section of this organization integrates the objectives and vision into productive strategies. In addition, the competent departments, together with human resources, have developed facilities that influence internal growth and staffing. This can be achieved through the implementation of several updated training programs. In addition, Emirates takes career planning seriously and makes sure that all its employees are able to fill all job vacancies or work within the organization.

The main objective of Emirates group is to achieve the highest quality of the aviation industry. The Government of Dubai plays a key role in strengthening the management of the Emirates by providing an appropriate environment and resources for training and development. This is in line with the large government investment in society as a separate entity. Through training, Emirates seeks to provide its customers with the best possible service and expand their businesses. The training and development of the employees have made Emirates the winner of the award in the International Maritime Division, and its sections of destinations and entertainment are among the best. Training and development are also being carried out to ensure that the Emirates group maintains its reputation for excellence during a period of rapid growth.

Training Methods

Several training and development methods are accessible. The reason behind the choice of any method is the accomplishment and need of the task through that method. Development and training methods are categorized in different categories such as on the Job methods and off the Job Methods.

On the Job

This training refers to the method in which an individual learns experience practically by performing itself. Such as Understudy, Job rotation, special projects, experience, and coaching.

Off Job Methods

The Job methods are that training requires workers to leave the workplace and learn. Presently, off-the-job training sessions and methods are more popular than on-the-job methods. Off the Job, methods include Special lecturers and courses, selected educational reading and material, conduction of seminars and conferences, brainstorming, learning programs, in-house activities, case study methods, role-playing, and business games.

With an innovative approach, Emirates Security Training Teams is working to improve Dubai’s reputation as a center of excellence for aviation and security training in the region.

Provides comprehensive safety training for the crew and other team members. The training department also offers training courses accredited by higher education institutions. These courses are run by the Centre for Aerospace Studies and Security (CASS), part of the Emirates Group Safety Group. The training and education approach in BSE was as follows:

  • • First training courses, which must be approved by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (SACA) to meet the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Annex 17 of ICAO Document 8973 against illegal activities.
  • • Certificate of the Institute of Higher Education, and therefore automatically integrated into the programs and diplomas issued by this organization.

Emirates Security Group’s Education and Development Department has modern classrooms with different capabilities to accommodate different learning needs. It has a wide range of audio and video equipment; all categories have been designed to meet the requirements of ICAO and GCAA. There are also Computerized Courses (CBTs) for Advanced Aviation Safety Training Programs.

The following training programs are available for all security professionals or related industries:

Ground Training

Country courses are designed to meet the requirements for courses in accordance with guidelines developed by GCAA standards and industry standards and can also be easily adapted to suit the training needs of specific third-party customers. In addition, the elementary school offers air traffic management courses at basic and advanced levels for aviation security personnel worldwide.

Aircrew Training

The aviation safety group in the Emirates Security Group conducts aviation and aviation safety courses approved by the Emirates Airline Civil Aviation Authority and other customers. Starting with EVAC’s online training and EVAC simulator for class and self-defense, security training is designed to increase the level of knowledge and awareness among state-of-the-art defense personnel. Experienced and knowledgeable trainers facilitate “sensible training” sessions where pilots and cabin crew members participate in teamwork, encouraging participation and exchange of ideas and experiences. Emphasis is placed on their role in field and air safety, which leads to an increase in the number of responsible crew members who can prevent illegal activities.

Centre of Aviation & Security Studies

CASS manages a portfolio of flight control courses, which helps to promote skills development for employees in Emirates and partner organizations. The center is home to various graduate programs run by the University of Edith Cowen through Emirates Group Security. These include an air traffic management certificate and a basic service diploma. These diplomas are awarded in the direction of Australia and the University of the Commonwealth.

In addition to its educational service, CASS also develops the research capacity to become a regional security and aviation research center. The center will work on several research projects on the ground and will work with colleagues from Britain, Australia, and Singapore. This CASS will be developed in the next few years.



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