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Treatment of Sexual Offenders Post Release


The sexual offender is a person that has committed a sex crime. Now, there is different interpretation as far as what constitutes the sexual crime as there is cultural and legal jurisdiction around (Schmucker et al. 2015). Then there are some other laws such as the way sanctions and the assault related cases are needed to be looked at (Schmucker et al. 2015). The key thing for the sexual offender is that how they are going to be treated after they have carried out their sentence. One gets to see several perspectives in this regard (Knack et al. 2016). There are large numbers of people who think that even after they have served their sentences; it is imperative that they should be laws and regularities that they should be bounded from. On the other hand, there are large numbers of people who believe that placing additional checks on the sexual offender after they have done their sentence is like interfering into the civil rights of that person. In this paper, it would be discussed what should be the relevant treatment for them after they have gone through their sentences (Knack et al. 2016).

Current Treatment of the Sexual Offenders

If one talks about the United States, in most of the states, the sexual offenders who are being released are supposed to make sure that they register themselves in the online databases as well as make sure that they are adhering to the guidelines that they are supposed to be following all the time (Knack et al. 2016). At the same time, there is some other thing that the offenders have to take care off after they have been released (Knack et al. 2016). One of the key things that they sexual offenders have to make sure that they should remain sober. Even during the course of the parole, they are not supposed to have any booze. Then comes the fact that they have to wear GPS detectors and lie detector tests all the time (Walker et al. 2016). They are often supposed to make sure that they are undergoing the polygraph tests. The idea behind the polygraphist tests is to make sure that whatever the changes that are observed in their physiological behavior can be evaluated in the right manner (Grady et al. 2017).

Implications and Mortality of the Treatment

One of the key things that are needed to be taken into consideration is the fact that what is the extent of the crime that has been committed by the sex offender. In most of the cases, the sexual offenders who are released from the prison have to make sure that they let the law enforcement agencies about their availability all the time. One of the reasons that they are facing such scorn is due to the fact that the sort of public pressure that they have to face all the time is rather relentless to say the least (Grady et al. 2017). The communities in which they go, the first thing that they have a hard time to make sure that they are able to find any sort of accommodation. Even if they are able to find any sort of accommodation, the other major problem that is being faced by them is that how they are going to be accepted into the community (Ware et al. 2015). The female population is always going to voice their discomfort when a sexual offender is living among them. And to make sure that the people in the locality are comfortable and their welfare. At the same time, looking at the crime statistics, most of the time serial offenders are the ones who have been previously involved in the same cases so that also raises question mark (Grady et al. 2017).

How Balance can be achieved in Terms of the Treatment of the Sexual Offenders Post Release

One of the key things that are needed to be taken care off is that how the balance is going to be achieved in the long run as far as the way treatment of the sexual offenders. The important thing is to make sure that the extent of the crime should be determining and if they are involved in the minor altercation, then completely stripping them away from their civil rights is one of the major issues that is faced by the people in the given time period. The other thing that is needed to be done at the broader community level is to make sure that some sort of integration program has to be initiated (Grady et al. 2017). The idea must be to ensure that they should be allowed the shot to redemption. One of the key things that people at the larger community level have to show their trust at these people (Grady et al. 2017).


What must be done is to make sure that the some sort of mechanism is needed to be developed that not only the treatment must be provided, but they should be involved in the community work. Not only that is going to allow these people to have interaction and that is going to allow them to ensure that how they have changed and whether they are comfortable in sharing the accommodation in the community level with these people. Again, lie detection test and letting the law enforcement personnel always know about their locations should only be done if the charges that are pressed against these people are serious in nature.

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