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DACA program initiative and consequences

The paper is about the DACA program initiative and its consequences. The DACA protection given to immigrants has been a remarkable effort since 2012 to secure the position of immigrants and also provide benefits to them. The Donald Trump presidency and the change in immigration policy affected the DACA people, and the negative consequences to both recipients and the U.S. economy will also be discussed.

Since 2012, around 800,000 illegal young Americans have been existing in the U.S. without the dread of being exterminated or deported from the country. The credit for such security to every individual was because of Barack Obama‘s progressive program, which is named the Deferred Action Plan for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

The DACA Program was established in 2012 by the president of the time, President Barack Obama. The plan aimed to award a secure setting for all the immigrants who came to America to work freely and to serve the country in every possible field. Through this program, all the youngsters who came as children in the U.S. can pursue their dreams of being citizens of America by applying to the renewal process. The renewable status of the applicant would last for two years. (DICKERSON, 2018) The majority of the immigrants are from Mexico and Latin American regions (BBC, 2018).

The people or the applicants of the DACA are labeled as “Dreamers”. They were labeled with this name through a special act approval called the Dream Act with supported benefits to the recipients. The dream act was presented in 2001. (DICKERSON, 2018) The requirement or pre-requite for the qualified immigrants are framed under the act, which includes the age of 31 years or above, and the other one is that he/she must live in America since 2007. The young immigrants must be 16 years old at the time of arrival in the U.S. (Andy, 2017). The other requirement for the applicant is that he/she must have a spotless criminal record throughout his/her academic or professional era. The Dreamers can apply under the program to get deferred action removal against their being for a period of 2 years (Schallhorn, n.d.).

The process validation is checked through the Department of Homeland Security, with the collection of fingerprints and all the recipients’ records, in collaboration with immigration customs enforcement, US citizenship and immigration services, and customs and border protection to meet the enforcement criteria. (FWD US, 2017) The benefits of DACA to the recipients resulted in the issuance of work permits, the ability to work on the job of the dream, and the possibility of getting a higher education degree of choice. Some states benefit individuals with grants, loans, permission to drive under the law, and sponsored medical assistance (DICKERSON, 2018).

This program is considered unconstitutional by Republicans, and recently, President Donald Trump eliminated DACA with the verdict from ten republican attorneys stating it is illegal and over the power of the president power to exercise. (FWD US, 2017) Trump administration replaced the immigration policy and put the applications on hold for DACA. According to the chronological predicted data, if DACA were to be on hold for a shorter period of time, it would affect 30,000 individuals each month with their job loss, 1400 individuals would be dismissed from businesses or jobs, and economic instability would be seen in all 50 states of the U.S. The recipients who would be prohibited from renewal will face a hard crisis, and there will be 7,234 loss of jobs per week. It will hinder the immigrants from getting work authorization under the act. The termination of the act will devastate the business and economy of every sector with no authorization and termination.

According to a report from the American Center for Progress, 91 percent of people under DACA work in various companies in the country, and they contribute billions of dollars to the economy of the U.S. The removal of the DACA program or halting renewal policy will project a loss of $460.3 billion in the gross domestic product in a decade.

An example is the case of an immigrant who went to an immigration office on a regular appointment for a \green card. He went to the office with his wife and 4-month-old baby. After the regular interview, the immigrant was called for another quick minute in the office by a man. The immigration general handcuffed him and put him in custody for three months. Another example is a student of MIT who got stuck in Iran, but with the declaration of the ban on immigrant travel, the student felt so much anguish and fear about the whole career after getting an education from MIT. He felt hurt that the president’s signature for the approval of the ban would dissipate all his efforts (Church, 2018).

Immigrants are facing a hard time around the U.S. There are many stories of immigrants after the trump administration’s policy intrusion. They are being deported to their homelands to sell their properties, leave their education careers, quit their jobs, and be locked up with families for being honest immigrants. Congress, on the other hand, is trying to sort out and search for a ground to protect the DACA receivers to cater to the urgent challenge.


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