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the positive and negative impacts on the teenagers of schools in late hours

There was a long discussion on the sleep analysis of adolescents and teenagers. The physicians have concluded a number of effects of the school being started too early in the morning. The new generation has strong bonds with the social media. There are a number of positive and negative impacts of social media, and the most highlighted one is disturbed sleeping timetables caused by late-night internet surfing and social media chats. Their activities result in less sleep and trouble being active in the classroom. The main aim of the paper is to discuss the positive and negative impacts on the teenagers of schools in late hours.

There are a number of positive factors which are considered for the schools to start a bit later in the day rather than early in the morning. Kids have to struggle to reach school well on time with incomplete sleep and difficulty in maintaining sound learning habits. There are many children who have problems sleeping well on time at night because of a number of disturbances. The topmost are parties, social media, and friends. That’s why they are unable to reach school on time. Research reports have calculated that almost 78% of students have issues getting up early in the morning. Only 16% of students were observed to have good sleep because of punctual sleeping schedules because of their parents (Owens, 608-614). More than 60% claimed that if they had plenty of sleep, school would start a bit later in the day. Students currently all over the world are suffering from tough sleep and school schedules because of difficult mornings.

There are some negative impacts on teenagers if school is started later in the day. One of the main problems that would be created because of the late start of school would be the irresponsibility of the teenagers for their future lives because the offices have a tough schedule and the tolerance level among the employers is extremely low. The parents have their own work schedules and many other daily activities, which would be totally disturbed by giving picks and droppings to the children. The children would also face difficulty in getting engaged in sports, extracurriculars, and public schools as most of the daytime will be spent in the school (Owens, 608-614). Another important problem for high school teenagers is less time to do part-time work to support their finances. The students are basically getting prepared for the future; they should have a little tough schedule while growing up so that this hard time would be added to their nature; that’s why school should not start late in the day.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the school should start early in the morning because the irresponsibility of the parents should not be considered a problem for the student’s inability to maintain his timetables. The level of responsibility will be increased with the tough schedules, as it is important for individuals to grow under pressure. The best solution for giving quality sleep to teenagers and college students is to limit their waking time and to make their routines to sleep on time. It will help them to wake up early in the morning with fresh health. The health of the children is important, but it is not necessary to change the course of the world; it is necessary to change the individual’s personal routines, which would be helpful in becoming versatile for different difficult situations.

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