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From Beginner to Bilingual – 9 Engaging Ways to Learn Spanish

When was the last time you ever learned a language? Or have you ever learned a language? Are you aspiring to become multilingual? It doesn’t matter for what purpose. Knowing a different language always comes in handy.

Today, we’ll talk in Spanish. My apologies, we’ll talk about Spanish. But hopefully, you’ll be able to speak fluently in Spanish after a few months. Then we’ll converse in Spanish.

There are numerous benefits to learning Spanish. Being the primary language of around 20 countries, Spanish is the second-most spoken language by native speakers. Also, more than 486 million people speak Spanish worldwide. Let alone in the U.S., this number reaches up to 42 million.

So, are you excited to greet everyone by saying “Hola” instead of hi? If yes, then get ready to embark on this intriguing journey to speak rhythmic Spanish. Let’s get started:

Learn Grammar:

To learn anything, basics are most important. Basics solidify the base on which the empire is built. So, as a starter, you need to learn grammar. However, be patient in the process because to learn a new skill or language, having determination and patience helps.

As in English, verb, object, and noun play their part in a sentence, Spanish follows a sentence structure as well. The best way to learn grammar is by textbooks. Grammar is a technical matter, and a textbook can handle it in the best way possible. Read the lessons consistently and solve the exercises.

Learn Vocabulary:

Having an arsenal of words helps smooth conversation. After learning basics such as days of the week, months, colors, etc, the next step is to learn the words used in daily conversations.

Novels can help you solve this problem.

Take a pencil, and start underlining the words. You’ll encounter different words used in daily life. Make sure to set a target of learning 10 words daily. Also, don’t just learn; make sentences using those words or talk to a friend. It’ll help you remember those words easily.

Watch Spanish Movies/Shows/Dramas:

There’s no better way of learning than this. Getting entertained while learning makes it fun.

As a starter, you can watch movies with subtitles on. You’ll see how they place their words. Moreover, you can learn different words. Once you’re confident enough, turn off the subtitles. Also, you’ll get an idea of the Spanish accent.

You can watch shows like Money Heist or Narcos. Just ensure your learning and entertainment moments aren’t disturbed by buffering for which you’ll need an impeccable internet connection.

A connection like RCN that won’t betray you or interrupt your learning. You can check out the RCN’s website for more details. To talk to a Spanish rep, you can connect to RCN internet español. Hence, it’s an effective way to talk in Spanish.

Listen To Spanish Podcasts:

Listening is as important as speaking. With Spanish podcasts, you can work on listening skills.

Podcasts are usually slow. People prefer to talk calmly. Besides, they are crystal clear audio. So, it’s a great way to enhance your listening capabilities. Moreover, this can also help you understand the native accent.

Download Spanish Apps:

If you want to see instant results, download Spanish apps. It can be a newspaper, games, or anything. Having it in your reach will enable you to spend maximum time on it. You’ll be able to readily search for meanings. In addition, with Spanish newspapers, you can learn common phrases.

Keep a Journal:

The best way to master anything is to practically do it. Whatever we write, chances are more that we’ll remember it. So, writing a journal will surely help. Firstly, you can pour your heart out in Spanish. Secondly, you can readily use vocabulary in writing. Thirdly, you’ll have notes you can always refer to. This will also help you clear your expression.

Make a Friend:

Finding someone who speaks fluent Spanish won’t be a problem. Since so many people speak Spanish, you’ll surely find one. Even if you don’t find one, make a friend online. Having a Spanish friend will help you to rectify mistakes. Also, you’ll be able to judge your progress. Plus, your journey will feel less solitary with your friend accompanying you.

Learn Spanish with Music:

Learning Spanish with music can be tough since music is fast, and you may face trouble understanding it. Anyway, you’ll get along because Spanish songs are super catchy. However, it can be a great source of learning.

Music opens the mind and can teach unique words. Play any Spanish song on repeat, and sing along to the lyrics. It’ll help you improve your pronunciation.

Go All Out:

If you’re really determined to learn Spanish, travel to destinations where Spanish is spoken. If you have the resources, spend time with natives, learn their culture, and engage in conversations to get knowledge.

You don’t have to go to Spain or Mexico for it. You can plan your next trip to California or Arizona where Spanish is spoken widely. You’ll get a lot more exposure while talking to native Spanish speakers.

Also, you can change your phone language to Spanish once you’re confident enough. Doing so will make sure that you’re always in touch with Spanish. Do it for some time until you’ve mastered it.

Bottom Line:

Mastering any language is an art. However, Spanish has its own perks, as millions of people speak Spanish. Be it your next job, a university course, or for any purpose, it’ll always be beneficial to have Spanish in your repertoire.



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