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Environmental Science

The Intergovernmental Panel

1. a “The Intergovernmental Panel” has discussed some environmental changes which have been caused by climate changes. These changes are as follows;

i. Air pollution-this is discussed to have been caused by the emission of the vehicles and fossil fuels which have been estimated to have caused the deaths of about 3.7 million under premature death circumstances (Economy, 2015).

ii. Floods-these are discussed to have been caused by the CO2 emission which has caused the seasonal weather changes in which high temperatures has led to melting the snowed mountains and high rainfalls leading to floods in many parts of the world (Economy, 2015).

iii. Drought-the climate changes have caused drought in many parts of the world through weather pattern changes which are discussed to have affected the survival of different plants leading to high droughts (Economy, 2015).

a. “Seizing the Global Opportunity: Partnerships for Better Growth and a Better Climate” have come up with the policies that are much concern about the climate changes. The discussion below the address of two factors namely;

Mitigation policies

i. The commission has encouraged acceleration on how low carbon will be developed in all cities of the world. This is focused on making sure that there are job creation and economic growth and as well lowering the air pollution and congestions in traffic sector.

ii. Protection of forests, land escape and agricultural lands to make sure that there is the high level of agricultural productivity for poverty prevention.

iii. Increased energy efficiency standards for the best in global. This will lead to a better living standard.


Focusing on climate change adaption, the commission has come up with some policies to cater for this;

i. Implementation of effective pricing of carbon. The commission has put it across that all the developed and developing countries are supposed to make sure that carbon pricing is strengthening to make sure that there are much of innovation and consumption choices made over this for climate change regards.

ii. Through ensuring that the infrastructure which is set is very climate-smart so that the countries can be able to achieve the global expectations and lowering the climate change effects (Economy, 2015).

iii. By making sure that they drive through a low carbon business which will be done through innovations and high technologies for the environmental conservation.

2. Comparison and contrast of “National Park Service”, “the U.S. Forest Service”, and “the Bureau of Land Management”

i. giving their similarity, three agencies are aimed at improving the environment so that the forest can be protected, and therefore increasing the agricultural production and reducing the investment risks for better financial flow.

ii. From the other hand, the agencies show some contrast in which national park service’s is more concern with preservation, the U.S (Calderón, 2015). Forest Service on conservation and “Bureau of Land Management” are for the management of national parks and national forests.

3. These federal land management agencies have sued the policies for the habitat protection through giving the illustrations economic growth pattern which will be seen in both developed and developing country after cooperating in making sure that all the environmental protection ways are followed to the later (Calderón, 2015). For instance, the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group has given the strategies through which the climate change will be dealt with through best practices for financial net flow facilitation.

National Environmental Policy Act, has given the agencies the framework on the environment should be protected. This act has focused on federal activities proposed for the purpose of assessing the livelihood requirements and actions over the fight for great environment and habitats (Calderón, 2015).



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