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Texas House Bill 1323 for Anti-Bullying

Student’s Thoughts

Introduction House Bill 1323 in schools environment I think it will provide relief and give learning institution the support they need to protect their students. Also, my opinion is that the expansion of the term bullying will help in eliminating or reducing the harassment student encounters in their studies. Moreover, I support House Bill 1323 since it will be able to address bullying behavior within society. I have to understand that bullying can torment, cause depression, lead to school dropout, increase feelings of isolation and sadness, and loss of interest (Gay & Network, 2015). Therefore, this Bill will help reduce bullying within society.

Parent’s Thoughts

The introduction of House Bill 1323 in learning institutions will support these institutions legally to protect their students. As a parent, I think this Bill is a good idea since it offers a range of definitions of the term bullying. Thus, this will encourage anti-bullying behavior to stop since there are punishment guidelines for the offenders. Also, the bill will help those who have experienced bullying to move to another learning environment. Having known what can happen to someone, I am in support of House Bill 1323.

Counselor’s Thoughts

I have interacted with the victim of bullying, thus; I have first-hand information about how the victims feel. Therefore, the introduction of House Bill 1323 in learning institutions will help victims to switch classrooms or campuses enabling them to start over again. Also, I think that this bill will increase the scope of bullying, hence; helping the institutions to protect their students efficiently.


Bullying is the use of force or threats to intimidate or oppress someone. Those who do this act think that they have more physical powers or better social status. Hence, under House Bill 1323, the act of bullying will be minimized.


Gay, L., & Network, S. E. (2015). Enumerated anti-bullying laws by state.



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