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Speech Organization For Maintaining The Marketing Of Postal Services In The United States

In postal services, different audiences are present, from officials to clients of the post office. Having faced competition from the new mode of communication, there is a need to talk to the clients of postal services and maintain the standards of marketing. Therefore, my speech will target customers of the postal service in the United States of America. Consequently, the paper below is an outline of how my statement will be organized and the organizational pattern to use. This is important since it will determine the impact I will create a better outcome in maintaining the marketing of postal services in the United States.

Just as stated above, my targeted audiences are customers of the postal service. The main reason for choosing this audience is because it is the determinant of the prosperity of the postal mailing business. Now that there are other means of communication that are overpowering our services, there is a need to create awareness that will outline the ‘left advantages’ of postal services. Therefore, since it is a comparison of our services with those of others available in the market, there is a need to look for the appropriate type of organizational pattern. Therefore, my preferred model is the Advantage-Disadvantage pattern. In my opinion, it is perfect in this case since it will enable our potential customers to understand the advantages of postal services in comparison with the disadvantages of the company. Another critical factor which attracted me to the use of the advantage and disadvantage pattern is the fact that it is persuasive. Therefore it means that me as the speaker I will give much of advantages to my audience and limit the disadvantages. Thus, below are some of the points I will be able to highlight regarding the use of the advantage and disadvantage pattern.

Firstly, every postal service client should understand that using the services sounds formal. This is because one will be capable of differentiating between official letters and friendly letters, unlike the use of texts or mobile phones where there is no specific format. Therefore, using postal services will be An attempt to maintain formality. Secondly, compared to other means of service, postal services are cheap and promising. Compared to other means of communication, where people communicate in small bits, hence making it expensive, under the case of postal letters are sent with comprehensive information, therefore making it relatively cheaper.

However, using the pattern, I will have to outline one of the disadvantages of using postal services below. Using postal services may sometimes sound slow. However, it depends on the preferences of the client. Therefore, it means that if one is in a rush to send a message, he/she can opt to use emergency services, which are faster than normal.

Therefore, using such speech, it is apparent that the sales of the express company will maintain and may increase. This is because, according to the statement, I outlined three advantages versus one disadvantage, which is the policy of the advantage-disadvantage pattern. Therefore, it means that the advantage-disadvantage model will be useful to my audience.


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