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Current Issues in Correctional Management


The overcrowded prisons are one of the prevailing issues faced by many states. The administration of the prison also faces strains and problems in managing their affairs effectively. In the United States, the same case of correctional management is challenging the administration to oversee those people that are separated from the society because of the crimes they committed. For the purpose of training and rehabilitation courses prisoners needs classification and specification, but it cannot be done in those prisons where overcrowded persons are present. Hence, the problems for the correctional officer occurs for how he can manage the problems that hamper his services and the operations. Lack of the proper management will contribute in raising of the issues like gangs and their violence, use of illegal drugs, issues of gender and transgender, increase mental and medical problems of correctional population.


The phenomena of gang violence and related issues in highly influencing the performance of correctional management. The parallel growth and the rising numbers of gangs in prisons are rapidly spreading in different cities and states of America. The correctional officers, however, do not provide the information regarding the number of prisons that have the gangs; and these security threats groups are enjoying the internal support of some officers of the prisons. There is the significant impact of the gangs on the daily lives of the prisoners along with the staff and those places where these threatening groups move after their release from the respective prison. Other than the increasing violence by these gangs, they also help inmates from certain exploitations and make the atmosphere more stable and protected.

In the United States, around six lac inmates are released from the prisons. Among those, there are certain individuals, which belongs to the different groups of the gangs. They move back into the society with the active linkages with their gangs. Until they properly left their groups, there is a high chance of violent activities by these people in the community. In the same way, studies calculated that around members of the gangs in the prisons have injured and attacked the members of the correctional officials (Allen, 2015). Some have threatened those officials who were present in the prisons. Majority of the institutions are giving effective training to their correctional officers for proper control and increase influence over these gangs. The staff also faces the number of other issues of persons residing in the prison, like excessive use of the drugs.

The use and the smuggling of the contrabands in the prisons are increasing the problems for the correctional and management staff. Other than the prisoners the officials and the guards through accepting certain bribery help in transferring the illicit drugs, network devices, cigarettes and related illegal instruments. Such a high usage of drugs inside the prisons creates the number of challenges for the correctional staff. The illegality of the drugs market and frequent use have increased the risk of imprisonment. The consumption of high-level drugs also creates health hazards for prisoners than the diseases prevailing in the general population of United States. The infections like blood-borne, immunodeficiency virus, and the increase ratio of mental illness is prevalent among prisoners uses the high level of drugs.

In the correctional management, other problems like the issue of transgender challenge the officials to tackle it with adequate facilities and effective services. There is the unavailability of the proper statistics regarding that how many people are transgender, lesbians and bisexual. The LGTB is affecting the services and the contributions of correctional staff. The authorities while researching on the issues of gender and their impact on the transgender residing in the prisons have seen considerable effects. The United States Supreme Court has also ordered to the correctional officers to eliminate the gender violence and assist those victims that are facing intensive issues in the various prisons (Travis, 2014). Transgender inmates have raised their voice for the services of psychological counseling, intervention, and medical facilities.

With the increased sensitivity of gender, these transgender persons require vulnerable and unique facilities. Their suppression will harm the performance of the correctional management and will significantly affect the basic needs of the transgender prisoners. The unacceptable situation reveals that fifty states have the not equal privilege of access to the medical care while in contrast, the constitution is allowing equal effects of medical facilities to all the states. Similarly, the correctional population also have the medical and mental health care issues and problems.

The incarceration has affected the health of those individuals entering into the correctional facilities. The overall physical condition of the prisoner is ultimately improved but it is more destructing than the ratio of rehabilitation (Cooper, 2017). Prisoners having chaotic lives before entering the jail, imprisonment provides them stable daily routine along with proper food. It also decreases their access to the use of various drugs and harmful alcohol. Those black members of the American society have increasing access to the healthcare facilities in the prisons than whites. However, there are serious health issues and adverse effects on the health of individuals living in the prison environment. Energy-dense food and nutritional values of meals are not up to the mark against the daily life food consumed by the person. Overcrowded, and isolation units along with the poor ventilation contribute to the weakening of the health of the individual. Restrictions on movements and loss of contact create psychological issues like anxiety and hallucination.


To sum up the discussion there are the number of issues in the correctional management. The managers and officials have to apply advanced techniques and methods to overcome those challenges faced by the prisoners. The staff along with the prisoners needs training and the friendly environment where both can enjoy and pursue the positives of life. United State is increasingly facing the challenges of gangs’ violence, gender inequality, and prisoners’ excessive use of drugs along with the mental and physical health problems in the detention centers.


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