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Market Analysis & Research Tools for Food Connect, Sydney

Historic Analysis

Finding new markets and exploring different marketing options is always challenging and handy at the same time. There had been significant changes over the time in the way things operate in Australian food industry. Food system has been the objective of this preliminary analysis. Food marketing is defined as the activities that occur within the door of the farm to the food system of consumers. These activities include processing, wholesale, retail, transportation, and food for your convenience. In 1977, consumers spent $ 180 billion dollars on food products produced in the country. Marketing bill 123.5 billion, or 68.6 percent of the total, and of these products will be equal to double the value of the farm (Hubbard, 2017).

Mail survey, using a secure working group and staff working Technical Evaluation Office (OTA), the emergence of technology interaction and award-winning marketing and defines the social and economic factors that influence the decision. Availability and cost of energy and food demand (national and international), environmental issues, food security, nutrition, and health are the primary determinants of consumer attitudes. Other factors, the availability and use of raw materials, the importance of preventing corruption in the marketing system and waste and their impact on consumer preferences and attitudes change lifestyle.

These socioeconomic factors and marketing techniques are summarized and analyzed using two different scenarios. The first scenario would be minor changes in the socio-economic environment in 2000, and it is expected that this trend will continue today, as well as, in principle (Hubbard, 2017). The latter is considered more realistic and feasible, suggests that the changes will affect the simultaneous changes in the food marketing system in the current situation.

Each technology is analyzed regarding the following points of view. The present state of development;

• How can we feel the expected positive and adverse effects of the technology and the location of these results;

• Impact on important policy issues and the community can be studied in combination with a particular technology.

• Based on the seven previous technologies were evaluated mainly OTA.

• Complete food (e.g., meat or substitute dairy products) or additives in foods produced or components to products designed or processed foods to replace texture, binding, flavoring and related technologies.

• Goods and technologies that provide quality control for vehicles used to transport food products. These include identification of contaminated instruments, and monitoring and cleaning are included; Truck design; Only the use of special funds to carry food and contaminated food with a compatible material.

• Diplomatic reporting technology that supports the processing and production of durable goods on the thermal shelves without the need for refrigeration before opening plastic and multi-layer aluminum packages.

• Approximately 80 percent of the food packaging market is still printed, including systems that can scan a universal product code, retail food stores in electronic control.

• Trade in technology, processing, packaging, transportation, and retail and the public feed and home-made marketing system to reduce losses during meal size.

• Electronic systems of alternative trading products for existing sales systems. Among them are delivered to the warehouse door, mini-automatic markets and will travel to customers include the mobile car markets. The effect of this system, the retail system would be insufficient in those areas where it is not currently used for cooking or special foods that must supply areas.

• Utilizes existing technology for other beverages, food technology from recycled and recyclable food containers.

Food Connect, Sydney needs to understand the challenges imposed on the market today. Technology is proliferating and could be a handy tool in organizing a market research. Most of this technology directly to prevent power loss in the electrical system as well as conservation through efficient or technical treatment methods to reduce resource waste to replace the traditional system refers to the production of new products. Others such as electronic payment systems and food electronics stores, which can make it economically feasible, but reflects concerns about technology, which may adversely affect the quality of life of society (Hubbard, 2017). Some of the technologies used, some are still under development, and some of them are available, or to respond to a potential problem that has to occur in technological innovations are defined as areas of interest. Producers of agricultural machinery, food processing, retailers, and labor have positive and negative consequences for consumers. Perhaps the measures to be taken for beneficiaries to maximize and minimize the negative consequences of trying to do?

Industry Process Analysis

This study would provide insight on how things work through. Food Connect would analyze the needs of customers and respond accordingly. Consumers, in the face of an unlimited amount of food, eaten, and what seems to be a choice. Competition, industry trends and market forecasts together with knowing the relationship between customers to understand motivation and behavior and the food is of crucial importance for the protection of competition in the ultra-competitive food sector to grow. Using market analysis and research tool can help the company’s position for future success.

Industry associations

The food industry includes retail food retailing and connection oriented; Agriculture and agriculture; Production, handling and packaging; And the kitchen and cooking. National Industry Association at state and local level are each partition. The National Restaurant Association, the National Food Association, Grocery Manufacturers Association, National Frozen Foods, and Refrigeration Association Foods and Trade Unions as countless others provide valuable research tools and market analysis. Determine membership in the appropriate association to eat connect and communicate with them to begin using the tool. Many organizations want you to be a member to access (Australian Food Statistics, 2012-2013).

Association releases and updates

Industry press releases of organizations, food strategy building Connect and provides an overview of market research and research. As a general rule, a newsletter published monthly or quarterly. Registered users can download e-mail subscriptions or receive newsletters via email or on the association’s website. Updates are sent to the members by e-mail with a brief information section. Often associations dictated the need for communication, real-time information with the industry often carries frequent update intervals. Application membership may be asked if you want to receive updates via email and full, you should check the box for you to sign.

Research and Reports

Association, primarily for members of the original research publication and market analysis, and reporting. Research members to increase their profits, improve their performance and help them make timely and accurate food decisions Connect provides the latest data and information. Consumer trends, comparative analysis reports, industry appraisal, best practices, reports, operations, a launch of new products, and competition analysis, report types are available through membership of the association.

Syndicated Research

This a tool which is more directive towards the desired outcomes. Food Connect had utilized different means to conduct the market research. However, it is imperative for them to organize their research in a more syndicated manner. The results are often reports, presentations or presented as raw data and presented in the public procurement market. Various research companies specialize in syndication studies for the food industry. For example, for Nielsen, food categories of consumers, brands and products from global action and received at the local level. An IRI, the retail market with information gathered from sales data from packaged food merchant goods, focusing on the client browser offers. Product and sales data for the competition, from the installation CD or downloaded to the Internet. You can also purchase market analysis information from national consumer groups. Consumer experts scan barcodes of all purchases. Food industry customers to market information transmitted by the research company to calculate indicators such as penetration and loyalty. Marketing research reports on portal access or category associations can be found on the Internet, pushing for more search syndication tools.

Food industry research review statistics

A statistical knowledge aids in understanding the market way better than any other tool. It highlights the market trends in the past. Food Connect would realize before devising a marketing plan on how to work their way through finances. Research has estimated world GDP or about 10% of world food and the agricultural industry is about $ 8.0 trillion-dollar market in 2016. According to the World Trade Organization, exports Global food was $ 1330 billion in 2015. Food is clear that the same value of all people on Earth planet; But the relative value of these products is not the same. Location, the local food industry and transportation industry, and vary considerably depending on factors such as the availability of adequate storage infrastructures (Australian Food Statistics, 2012-13).

In Australia, food produces about 13% of the cost of a family, and the common housing and transportation receive Italians for third place. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Food in Asia is estimated at 23% of consumer spending and watching this education and accommodation. In Australia, the average family spent $ 7023 on the food price of $ 6759 compared to the previous year, in 2015 the year. He spent $ 4015 and $ 3008 for a cooked home-made meal for outdoor dining. Australian retail supermarket and food industry, with 40,768 outlets by 2016 and total sales of $ 706.9 billion by $ 680.7 billion, rose in Australia last year (Australian Food Statistics, 2012-13). Department of Census figures. However, Australia and other countries, food and drink sold at various supermarket outlets.

Marketing Research Tools

Food Connect, Sydney often find themselves in a difficult situation. These businesses, which are a great need to give reliable answers to the pressing issues faced by all organizations:

• Market trends, how does it affect my job?

• How to find a solution for buying our reference market?

• What is the market share and how can we improve it?

• Are our products or services our customer satisfaction measured by the competition?

• Will existing customers react to a new product or service?

• How can we make it more attractive for new customer segments?

• Marketing strategies that work best?

Companies getting answers to these questions make market research using a variety of methods. This article will illustrate some of the methods and show how a small business can benefit. All are important, but it is important to know the limits of each method.

Secondary research

This type of search, exploring different sources, and includes previously implemented to look at the information already published:

Statistical Analysis

The statistical information is helpful in generating an idea about what are going to be the intentions of business. Food Connect would use the facts to their advantage and decide, whether they want to operate in a different market or go with a different product. This information plays vital for any business.

Also, this type of search is called creating a statistical profile, the benefits of marketing in the business world. For example, if you are selling a business locally, you can expand the base by finding other areas where the concentration of similar businesses. Alternatively, you could sell in the industry, but also companies from different sectors think it would be your product.

Here you will find these relevant institutions and statistics that can help you reach some free online resources:

• The Bureau of Labor Statistics

• Internet Public Library

• Fed Article

• American Marketing Association – demographic statistics

• the demographic data of CAP for each state of the United States

• ongoing research reports

As a general rule, there are business issues, including market trends. For example, are some customers adapting to the new technology? How does the use of the Internet change among mature adults? Your industry and can be prepared a report that can give you an overview of a particular market. Online search reports, by searching, you can find a list of companies that provide these reports. Usually, it has a price. However, it might be less expensive to do the job from scratch. Before you buy first examine the contents of the content that comes with this report it is a good idea to think that you justify the purchase. Why not go where they are professionals? With the help of this site, they can ask experts questions and marketing tools they can use. However, there are some excellent resources that require a fee, but others do not.

Primary Research

At one point, all businesses, as well as specific questions to people who are not customer customers to make decisions about their marketing strategies and work must be specified. But it is here that research will be expensive. Most small businesses, the study provides the most objective and accurate data they do not have the resources needed. However, they provide advice and direction based on feedback methods with customers marketing strategy for the company.

Talk to your customers

More directly, is there a cheaper way? If you ask your customers when they buy from them, they can do it for a non-bulky time, and it requires. What do you buy them from you? How did they feel? Maybe it’s worth your time to give a discount on the next order. Come to know their feedback will help us in the future to serve them better. Many small businesses must enter direct sales or download teams; This is the best idea for a new product is a resource that produces some intimate contact.

Weblog, or Blog

This is an excellent way to get customer feedback. Start your blog on your company’s website, report it to your clients, and publish information about your products and services. I know what you’re thinking, but what if I get a negative response from my clients? Am I ready to see my warts? Diva Marketing Toby Bloomberg recently published an article on his blog on this issue. As said, is not it even better to tell their customers who are responsible for? And Toby makes a big point. To show how you respond to your customers worried about negative reviews is a great way.

Yahoo groups

Create a group for your customers. This is a great way for them to share information and communicate with each other. At the same time, what they want from them will see that you do not necessarily see. Also, some customers, development products/services that can help in your efforts, can start a conversation that will help you understand the interest in getting valuable information. These groups can also advise on how to use the product or service – some of you may not be at all.

Forums/seminars in personal business

It is to entertain and educate your customers and is an excellent way to provide value for them to continue working offline. Limiting the amount of information, you get from your clients often over methods, forums, and conferences that let you explore the various issues in more detail. User conference, case studies highlighting successful cases and presentations for customers for your product or service to offer to new customers, which can also provide you with an excellent opportunity to use.

However, as noted above, these resources often do not provide entirely accurate and impartial information and obtain more structured customer data of this kind, and traditional methods should be used. Normally, measurable information on planning a marketing strategy can be compelling. Every successful business must come to a point at this stage, and to come at this juncture. The trick is not to wait too long for your opponent before you can start getting answers.

In general, each of them has two main types of major studies, which have their advantages:


Often referred to as a researcher in the study, customer problems will allow you to undergo detailed studies. Qualitative research is primarily, though not intended to give a definitive response to your customers’ behavior, you can understand the reasons for that decision and encourage them to buy the factors in a good way.

Focus groups, one-to-one interviews, and ethnography called after several forms of qualitative research methods, including. Here are some factors that determine separately from the members of the above conference:

In general, the goal is controlled by the moderator, so that the participants will provide more honest and less partisan opinion. A qualified professional, saying that people are unlikely so that people can work with different types of behavior, generally, very loud. They are in a controlled environment, and the hands of a controller should be considered the most important issues that have a default script. Various methods are available for customers to get behind the discussion of ideas and behaviors. These studies can be done both online and in person. A qualified professional, using the correct method and can help determine the value of his condition (The Strategic Marketing Process, 2013).


Companies in general, the cost of advertizing, the use of distribution channels, price decisions, segmentation size, and evident that need guidance in marketing some issues that require specific measures such as A product or service message must first be started.

Surveys and studies, marketing issues that require such a level of detail for informed decision making that can provide you ask for too much precision. For example, will the product produce the highest level of interest? Is there a difference between these differences and how are the different defined segments better? What price does it need? How often do people have it? Sung A few great online tools that you can use to develop your free polls here are some of them:

  • • Survey Monkey
  • • Zoomerang
  • • Cold polls

However, according to the Small Business Administration website, primary research, in particular “, surveys, interviews and questionnaires are the best way for marketing, because they tend to make a more objective and sophisticated result.”

Value Addition to the Food Connect, Sydney

The development of more marketing strategies that drive the growth of the market. (Anderson & Wouter, 2006).

A formal search marketing process to answer the following questions and pass the greatest stage throughout the marketing process (The Strategic Marketing Process, 2013). Some of the problems we must bear in mind are that the value of memory concepts includes:

  • • What are the companies that sell products or services?
  • • Is there a product or service that meets the needs of consumers?
  • • Do customers feel about your company?
  • • What products or services are used to purchase and use customer expectations?
  • • What are the first impressions of products or services to customers?
  • • Do you have alternative products or services to meet customer needs?
  • These questions can be answered with the help of market research. Market research, facilitating decision-making, reducing uncertainty and highlighting consumer issues. Market research, drag all aspects of food Connect as follows:
  • • Identifying new market opportunities and evaluating existing markets
  • • Market segmentation and analysis
  • • Identifying most suitable target market
  • • To evaluate and analyze the reputation and effectiveness of the Company’s activities
  • • Product placement
  • • Development of new products
  • • Link marketing plans for the goals and make the corresponding set (Robert & David, 2004).


Food Connect, Sydney is a rising business entity. Marketing research would allow them to revisit their options. The company wants to explore the newer market and probably go with newer products. It is very crucial to identify the right target market for your target market. It could not come without a comprehensive market research. There are different tools discussed all of them contribute equally to the goal at hand. They should devise their marketing plan based on the outcomes of research. The research has provided significant information about the target market. They should not miss any single of them. A well-defined marketing plan would require the statistics used in this marketing research. Therefore, it is important for them to weigh in the marketing process and use marketing tools.


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