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Jeffrey Alexander’s Elements of Social Performance

This is a brief discussion of Jeffrey Alexander’s social performance elements with the public figure being Mark Wahlberg. Jeffrey had in the year 2000 turned his attention towards the ways actors come up with creations of cultural and social performances through which the audiences relay the meaning of their social scenario. In accordance to Jeffrey, from a socio-cultural view, the actors can change the thinking of their audiences leading to a cultural shift. In the contemporary world, actors seen as authentic ought to be authentic since the audience draws their actions or utterances thus actors ought to draw their moves hailing from various repertoires.

The focus of this discussion is the famous Mark Wahlberg an actor, producer a rapper and movie producer. From his action scenes, Mark Wahlberg displays a distressing social situation in his films with an example of the Transformers; the Age of Extinction where he is determined to help planet earth. This film, it is full of technological advancements with bits ruling the universe. While watching this film, one is consumed by its lighting (bright) thus bringing fierce emotions to the audience. Mark Wahlberg in the film Transformers; Age of Extinction is displayed as the tough guy who does everything with a passion for saving the universe which is the home to his world’s love; his daughter and mechanical sciences in his garage. The graphics display Mark Wahlberg as an energetic personality full of a muscular physique thus posing as a tough and resilient person. Amidst the warring activities and seemingly defeat by the aliens, Mark Wahlberg does not give in to the aliens’ call for surrendering planet earth to them.

This actor is endowed due to his role in various films whereby he is portrayed as a conflict resolver with no chills hence relaying the masculinity possessed by men and holding a stance on his actions. His engagements in various film productions, acting as an actor, and business aspect has assisted many upcoming actors in instilling self-drive thus accruing success.


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