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Income and Social Inequality in Turkey


Social and income inequality occurs in any society when the distribution of resources in a society is unequal. That the unequal distribution of resources creates problems that are called inequality. The concept of 100 percent equality is an idealistic approach that cannot be achieved in reality but there is some solution through which you minimize this rate of inequality in a society.

Income and social inequality are the most important problems of any state; Turkey is one of the emerging states, and maintaining income and social equality is also one of the top agenda policies in Turkey. Income inequality in turkey is not much high, but there is inequality that dived turkey in different socio-economic classes, if the gap will not tamely be managed by every day it is difficult to manage this. The gap between societies on the basis of income is very dangerous (Chiswick, 1974). This gap is a threat to all spheres of life, as well as to political stability. Time is needed to give extra importance to this burning issue of inequality in Turkey’s society.

There are many actors that play an important role in resolving this issue, such as the government, the population, the business community, and civil society. If all these actors or stakeholders work collectively, this issue will be resolved easily, but there are very minimal chances that all the stakeholders on one point agenda will resolve the issue. Generally, the population is the primary actor that is most affected by this inequality, and the government plays a key role in resolving this issue of income and social inequality.

What recommendations can you make to address this issue?

This issue of income and social inequality is an important issue, and this issue cannot be handled by a single person; if all the factors or the stakeholders of this issue work jointly, they will play an important role in resolving this issue. Each and every society is different from one another, and the causes of the problems also differ from society to society. These problems will be resolved with the use of different techniques that are suitable to help resolve these problems and for society. In resolving social problems, it is kept in mind whether these solutions suit this societal structure or not.

The economic factor plays an important role to solve many social problems. If there is economic equality in any society, then there is a minimum chance of class division (Adelman & Robinson, 1989). The government must focus on the economic factor that plays an important role in solving this issue. Governments or authorities that have the power to make policies need time to focus more on income equality because income inequality plays a vital role in solving other issues or problems. In any society, there is a chance of robbery.

Recommendations to solve this issue


The process of strict Legislation plays a most important role to solve this issue, legislation bodies must need to make such a policy and laws that will help to reduce this income and social inequality.


The process of tax collection is needed to enhance when the government has resources they give good basic facilities to their citizens.

Raise minimum salary

The government needs to raise the minimum salary package.

Middle class

The middle class plays the role of a bridge between the upper and lower class. This class plays an important role to solve this burning issue of income and social inequality.

Why is this an important issue that must be resolved?

Income and social inequality are important issues. If these cannot be timely, they disturb the whole society, and they will create many other problems, such as social inequality and many health problems like depression. When this inequality cannot be timely resolved, it is in DEVOS the world business leaders identify that the growing inequality is one of the major threats to the world economy; it is the demand of time that this issue will be managed if this income and social inequality are not managed at this time it is harmful to the whole globe, its create social, political economic and also a security threat.

Social and economic inequality are different phenomena. This is an important issue, and it has a direct relation. Economic inequality plays an important role in dividing society into different social classes. If any society is divided into different social classes, it is very difficult to maintain peace in that society. If this income and social inequality gap increases, it is a threat to the political system (Braithwaite, 1980).

If this important issue of income inequality cannot be resolved, it will create many other problems like health issues, street crimes, and many other social problems because there is a very close relationship between all these problems and income. If the economic condition of any society is good, there is a chance that the health of society will be good. Economic income plays a very important role in solving problems in every society. There is a huge chance all the problems that exist in society have a link to economics or income.

When there is income equality in society then a society runs smoothly. There is a huge number of social evils or illnesses that are much closer related to economics or income such as corruption. If in society is income equality in any society there is a minimum chance of social illness.

Who is affected & the target audience?

The main cause of this inequality or gap between rich and poor is the general population of Turkey, which is directly targeted by this inequality. If this gap increases day by day, it will be bad for the general population. If this gap decreases, it will benefit the general population; the most important stakeholder that has a huge share in this is the population (Braithwaite, 1980).

The middle and lower middle classes are more affected by this social and income inequality and must focus on this portion of the population. The government needs to make such policies that support or uplift the standard of life. If this portion of the population is a larger share of your population, it will help to minimize the gap between rich and poor. Due to the increasing gap between the rich and poor, this middle-class portion of the population decreases in number. If this portion of the population is missing in any nation, it is an alarming situation.

The middle class plays an important role in any society. The middle class is a symbol of stability either social economic is political stability. This class plays an important role in the development of any state. Increasing the middle class plays an important role to minimize this ratio of income and social inequality in Turkish society.

What research is there to prove your point?

This research is mostly base on secondary resources, according to past experiences income and social inequality directly hit a middle-class portion of the population, this portion of the population plays an important role in any nation to minimize inequality. There are many other stakeholders who play an important role in addressing this gap within society. The government, civil society, and the business community also play an important role in minimizing this income and social inequality in Turkey.

Identify 3-4 stakeholders and explain what they see as the problem.

Government, people, civil society, and the business community is the main stakeholder in this problem, these four stakeholders play an effective role to overcome this income and social inequality in turkey.


The topmost stakeholder that plays the most important role in solving this issue is the government; the government needs to make a policy that will play its role in solving this gap. The government has the power to make legislation for this important and burning issue that hit the basis of the Turkish social structure. Now, the gap is not too high, but it is rising day by day. If this issue is not handled in an accurate manner, it will be dangerous for the Turkish national government to focus on this important and burning issue (Mansyur et al., 2008).

Peoples or populations:

Another important stakeholder that is badly hit by this gap is the general population, this stakeholder has a huge share, and the negative impact of this income and social inequality direct hit this stakeholder. People need to pressure the government (through the use of different means such as media)to make such a policy that helps to remove or minimize this gap because the ultimate effects are the people and the most powerful actors who play a dominant role in government.

Civil Society:

The stakeholder that plays their role in overcoming or minimizing this increasing gap is civil society. Civil society in any state plays an important role in pressure for the government to make such laws that are fruitful for the whole community, not for specific people or some special group. Civil society has a huge share in policy making and the legation process.

Business community:

There is another most important stakeholder that has a very direct relation with income and social inequality which is the business community. This is the demand of time that the business community must carry on their business with profit but in accordance with social norms and values.


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