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Individuals don’t Often fit with the Characteristics Required in an Essential Group


Being a part of a group is considered one of the most significant aspects of any society. It allows individuals to feel that they are not only a part of a community of shared interests but also provides a means through which they can relate to their peers and promote their social status. However, despite being a part of a group, its members of often retain their characteristics which are either manifested within the group or are forced to be suppressed to impress peers. It is a situation that I have undergone at a personal level, and it continues to be a part of my everyday life. It is a means through which I can be able to fit in within the community in such a way that it becomes possible to avoid the social association that is one of my greatest fears.

This paper seeks to argue that individuals do not often fit with the characteristics of an essential group, which will be based on my personal experiences.


Despite being a staunch Republican, I do not agree with most of the policies that have been recently adopted. I have realized that being a Republican does not necessarily mean that I have to support everything that the party does because to do so would be detrimental to the society as a whole. It is important to note that the party has primarily sought to make sure that it deports all those individuals that were protected under the DACA program. The reversal of this milestone in American policy is one that fundamentally fails to consider the state of the child immigrants in the country. It is one that does not recognize the humanity of it all because it ends up not only splitting families but in some cases, it has the potential of ending up leading to a situation where the individuals involved are forced to go back to countries that they are not attached to either linguistically or culturally.

As Roxane Gay states “To have privilege in one or more areas does not mean you are wholly privileged” (Gay 17). It means that it is essential for all the citizens of any country to consider the fact that if they were the immigrants and faced the similar issues then what would be their reaction. They have good time but at present and this is due to their good government and not just due to their selves. A consequence of the action taken by the current Republican administration has been that it has ended up making me realize that despite being a supporter of the party, I do not fit with all the characteristics that it promotes. Instead, there is a level of independent thought concerning various situations that show that it is essential to make sure that there is the advancement of means through which to bring about greater harmony in society despite the differences that individuals might have, in this case politically. I go against the rhetoric of the party because I believe in making sure that situation such as immigration is handled in a more responsible and civilized manner with full consideration of the human rights of individuals so that they can be able to live their lives in a way that is envisioned in the constitution.

Furthermore, none other than the president himself has promoted the false assumption that most of the people under DACA are illegal adult aliens that are over 40 years old. It is a strangely irresponsible statement to be made by the president because it shows that he is not concerned about the truth and the manner through which it can impact society. According to an article by, President Trump stated “No, I think a clean DACA bill, to me, is a DACA bill where we take care of the 800,000 people. They are not necessarily young people; everyone talks about young — you know, they could be 40 years old, 41 years old, but they’re also 16 years old” (Kiely). This statement shows the way that the administration views those individuals that were brought to the country illegally as children and had essentially become more American culture than being attached to their original cultural backgrounds.

Furthermore, it allows for the advancement of a situation where there is the development of misconceptions in society concerning the rights of the individuals under the DACA program. The statement mostly makes it clear that the President and the administration will support any initiative that they believe will help them further the goal of destroying viable policies in exchange for ones that violate the fundamental rights of individuals. I am opposed to this statement, and I believe that the time has come for Republicans to stand up to the administration and put checks on it before it pulls the country into a disaster that it might not be able to recover. It is a belief that many of my peers do not support and it has led to many arguments among us concerning the issue. It is surprising that a considerable number of my friends, even those that are very well educated, believe everything that the president says even though most of it tends to be based on false assumptions.

I have been consistent in my stance that it is essential for the administration to be checked before it is too late. I believe that any step to bring about any changes to the way of life in the country should be challenged at all times because it is not only disruptive, but it also leads to a situation where the rights of individuals are violated. My belief of the need to check the administration has come about mainly because of a desire to make sure that the gains that have been made in recent times by the country are not rolled back.

Despite being a Republican, I have come to recognize that it is not always necessary to support the policies of the party. It is because to do so would bring about a situation where there is a failure to consider the merits of some of the proposals from the Democrats. My stance is one that is opposed by even my closest friends, who believe that not to support the party line is a heresy. However, I think that it is important to point out whenever the party gets issues wrong so that its tradition of openness and progressiveness is maintained. The media, in this case, has failed to bring about the checks that are necessary and has instead ended up promoting, whether directly or indirectly, the proposals that have been made by the Trump administration. It is especially the case where the controversial tweets posted by the president on Twitter have become even more widespread because of the way that it is handled by media. Twitter itself has failed to take any tangible action aimed at discouraging such irresponsible behavior by the president, and this is a situation that has led me to lose faith in it.


In conclusion, I believe that it is essential to make sure that there is the advancement of a situation where individuals do not just follow the lead of a group just because they would like to fit in. As seen in the arguments above, it is crucial that there is the recognition of civilized discussion between opposing parties to make sure that there is the advancement of harmony in society. As in the case of DACA, the administration could have handled it differently, and the results would have been more beneficial to the country that is currently the case. Stereotypes that are formed by groups are not helpful when it comes to the progression of society and can be detrimental. Therefore, there is a need to make sure that stereotypes are overcome to achieve a more stable and just society.



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