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The concept of consumerism


The concept of consumerism is not harmful despite its unpopularity in the society. Everyone is a part of consumerism in one way or the other. Although placing excessive value on certain things is not a great idea, placing a reasonable amount of value serves the purpose. If we analyze consumerism from a broader prospect, it certainly makes a good impact on the economy overall. More consumer activities mean more people are at work as workers are required to pack things and deliver items to consumers (Erik Kain). In this regard, if someone can afford new cars, computers, and other stuff, then buying them will definitely add value to their life. Similarly, giving gifts to loved ones gives a sense of pleasure, and this is a healthy process. Therefore, behaviors and trends shouldn’t be discouraged at all towards consumerism as it generates economic activity, places reasonable value on the items, improves the quality of the product, and protects consumer rights.

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In fact, there are many jobs in the economy that highly depend on people’s buying activities. This is a good thing considering the fact that generally, we all can afford to buy things. Also, the jobs that are created as a result of the buying activities of consumers are much better than those types of jobs that Americans had in the past. And, still, many of us don’t like the broader concept of consumerism to the extent that we observe days like “Buy Nothing Day” in opposition. Further, these kinds of events are advertised online, and that too by using new laptops or computers.


Moreover, the purchasing pattern of consumers or paying for services circulates money to the people involved in consumers’ buying activity (Costanza et al.). The consumer gets goods, and the money that circulates has a trickle-down effect on society. Consumerism serves as a job-creating agent for retail workers. Whatever we pay against the goods that we purchase or the services that we get eventually goes into the pocket of someone who needs money desperately to meet daily life expenses. The staff in the supermarkets and big grocery stores are the real people, and the need for money brings them there. Also, the stuff that we purchase is not luxury. Rather, they are the needs of daily life.

For those who are against the core concept of consumerism, it’s very easy for them to oppose it, but they don’t realize the positive impact that it leaves on society. Of course, extravagance is not a good habit, which means that the craze of shopping on Black Friday or events like that creates a lot of mess. Also, getting up early and queuing up outside the stores right from the dawn are at times not very rational behaviors. In contrast, moderate shopping on and off does make a lot of sense. Actually, buying the things as necessities that can’t be avoided is not a problem, everyone goes out and shops, but the area of problem is materialistic approach that has become the part and parcel of people’s personality. This particular materialistic spur is the effect of capitalism.

Further, consumerism, in general, is a healthy concept, but the consumerism that takes place after getting influenced by the luxuries of others, which prompts consumers to go for luxuries at the cost of their daily essentials, is illogical, and it’s just lust. There was a time when people suffered from starvation and they were looking to earn bread, to counter this, consumerism proved to be an effective weapon (Erik Kain).

Consumerism has seen fruitful results in the form of safeguarding the rights and interests of the consumers at large. If consumers are not being treated fairly, they can register their complaints. In this regard, consumers need to be fully aware of their rights. Another benefit of the consumerism is the innovation in the quality of the product. The trend of healthy consumerism produces an environment of healthy competition among manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. As a result, they constantly look for ways to improve the quality of their product and services to sustain in the market. The benefit of improved quality or service ultimately transfers to the customer. In the current digital age, consumers tend to be well-informed, and many of them explore every ingredient of the product to seek excellence (Lucius et al.). The products or companies that do not attain customer satisfaction are likely to make their way away from the market. The increasing competition among the products or companies also benefits consumers in terms of prices.


Finally, the consumerism at large is beneficial for the society. Economic growth, product innovation, and improved quality are the advantages that consumerism provides. The jobs that are created as a result of consumer activities are decent ones. It helps people to earn their bread and butter in a respectable way. The money that goes out of someone’s pocket eventually goes into someone else’s account. More people in jobs would mean there will be less unemployment. Also, in the market, the importance and respect of consumers grow. Companies and retailers give value to their customers, which is why they focus on providing them with improved quality and added benefits to their products or services. However, extreme patterns in purchasing are not good, as seen at the events of Black Friday and likes. Also, the materialistic approach is a negative element, and it should be discouraged. Lastly, keeping in view all the benefits, “Consumerism” is a positive thing for the individual, economy and society as a whole.

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