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Continuous Hard Work And Staying Positive


The case is about a 61-year-old lady named Madlyn Franklin Cooper, who is currently a director of Northwell Forest Hills Hospital. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She has married three times; the first marriage lasted for six years, and she had a daughter from that marriage; the second marriage lasted for ten years, her husband died, and the third marriage lasted for almost ten years. She’s now looking forward to becoming a grandmother.


The objectives of older age assessment are to identify some of the challenges faced by older people, to begin to understand the complexities they have to deal with, and to begin to understand some of the assessments that may have been indicating that older people are dealing with complexities they are facing. Aging concerns everyone, whether it’s male or female, young or old, no matter where they live. Assessment should be different from others because it’s easy to make perceptions while dealing with older people.

Madlyn was bullied in her childhood for being so fat. This was something that haunted her at that time. Her parents were deaf, so she was not able to tell them what was going on with her at school. She had to cope with this situation on her own. She found a way to just ignore those people and continue her studies to make her life better for the future. In situations like these, most people use to react so that they cannot get bullied the next time. In this case, she did not do that; she ignored them as if she had never heard what they were saying. She took this as a part of her motivation for her studies. She was very fond of studying, and in my assessment, I found that she still has this eagerness to learn more and more. Bullying causes many health problems along with emotional distress to an individual ( Juvonen & Graham, 2014).

Marrying your opposite gender is a natural thing. One has to do it. Madlyn married three times. The first was married at the age of 20. In Western culture, it has been found evident that marrying at an early age does not work like one at an adult age. From a scientific point of view, it has been said that marrying at an early age can lead to severe health problems (Ferraro et al., 2016). Unfortunately, that marriage didn’t work out because things were not working out with her husband, so she divorced him and decided to move on with a daughter. Society plays an important role in a human’s life. Society discouraged her with the failures of her marriage; society influences your decision-making more than your own. It takes you for granted and lets you do things that are against you ( Van & Besthorn, 2017). She married a couple of times again. She’s now 61 years old and independent, and the failures she faced in her marriages have had a positive impact on her. She’s strong, independent, and not dependent on anybody. She wants to spread love and be loved by others.

Spirituality has been in her veins since childhood. She has been doing things that used to put smiles on other people’s faces. She has this strong belief that if you love someone, you’ll get love, too. Spreading love and peace is her aim in life. She has been doing multiple jobs, like teaching and nursing. This was because she wanted to get closer to the people to understand them. When she was broke, no one was there to make her feel comfortable or listen to what she had to say. Although she has a brother who’s not into studying like she is, he does not pay attention to her, either. One would ask how she was coping with all these situations. Spirituality makes a positive impact on a person’s life. This is what made her so strong that she did not give up. Spirituality gives the power to cope with tense situations (Bussing et al., 2014).

In her professional life, she has been doing the job of a teacher, where she educated the students with bookish knowledge and the knowledge she had in her brain. She believes that whatever she learned from her life, she tried to communicate with others so that those who got broke in a situation like this would not break. It takes a very strong person to cope with situations like these. She is very active in her work; she knows the importance of being active in this competitive world. She used to hit the gym three times a day to keep herself physically strong, although she’s mentally very strong, and the situation she went through has proved that, too.

Her personality gives her a chance to stand out among others, she has this personality of not depending on others but working for herself, and achieving whatever you want to achieve with continuous hard work. She’s still a working lady and does all of her work on her own. She never takes a day off from her job; she takes a small chunk of time to relax. Physical health was very important when she was broke. Due to so much stress and workload, she had to go through surgeries and hip replacements a couple of times. She has the responsibility for her daughter and her younger brother, and to fulfill that, she has to be physically good. We often say that hardships are part of life, but going through such circumstances and still putting a smile on your face takes an amazing woman to do that. A study revealed that people with proactive personalities have a high chance of achieving their work goals and objectives ( Caniels et al., 2018).


From the assessment, it has been concluded that continuous hard work and staying positive will lead you to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish in your life. Madlyn, throughout her life, faced challenges at every step of her life, but she never gave up. Now, she is living a happy, independent life and feeling proud of where she is now.


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