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How Technology Is Used As A Tool In Supply Chain Management?

Technology consists of all advanced and unique techniques, skills, and machinery that have been developed to date to help in the manufacturing of goods and the provision of services. Technology can be used as a tool to make work easier and more manageable. It has been used in the manufacturing of goods to help in quick production, easy and fast packaging, and supplying manufactured items. The paper discusses how technology is used as a tool in supply chain management, provides an example of a technology that is used in supply chain management, and covers the advantages and disadvantages of using the technology mentioned.

For the past two decades, supply chain management has been seen as a role that takes behind the scenes without serious staff members or enough resources to carry out the processes. It was only known to be used by large international companies, where it was easy to fix any issues easily. Consumers were less aware and were patient to wait for their goods. For the last couple of years, many consumers have become aware of online marketing, where shipments are supervised from when they are ordered until they are safely delivered. Recently, the role of a chief supply officer has been considered very complex and strategic. As you manage a supply chain, you will find your company susceptible to risks, fines, competition, strict regulations, shipping restrictions, and many more challenges.

Technology has enabled many consumers to use the internet and email to buy goods and services online, and therefore, their expectations are very high. Supply companies are growing and developing globally, and competition is growing rapidly. The roles and responsibilities of employees in a company have been targeted, and with advanced technologies, skills have become specific. Companies no longer pull people with high-ranking jobs to work on issues taking place in the supply chain. Using technology, electronic invoices are developed, and shipments are computerized and tracked all over the globe.

Consumers have been given access to read reviews on products that they want to purchase online. They are able to view different products and their prices. Therefore, they can decide what item suits them best. Goods are accounted for anywhere on the supply chain anytime they are moved across the world, and therefore, any delays can be anticipated before they disrupt delivery at the final stage. Technology has provided businesses with many opportunities and has also brought recognition to supply chain management as a profession or discipline. Supply chain managers can now claim that technology has brought them visibility and also accountability, and therefore, investing in a supply chain company is a good idea (Maz, 2011).

An example of a technology that is quite useful in the management of a supply chain is Radio Technology. Anomalies in a supply chain can bring about various problems when an order is in transit. Anomalies can lead to losses and negative impacts on a specific brand. If a product or an order is unaccounted for during transit, the supplier is held responsible. With the use of Radio Frequency Identification Technology, it is easy to monitor and track all products during production and on the supply line. RFID monitoring chips are used on all items, which makes it easy to monitor and detect any problems with an order. These chips help in solving a problem before it ruins a supply chain.

Advantages of using Radio Technology

Radio technology helps the supply manager to monitor goods until they are delivered. The technology makes it easy for a company to keep track of all products being produced. Radio technology helps in tracking goods; therefore, little or no losses are counted. The technology helps in maintaining a company’s productivity and efficiency (Karehka, 2012).

Disadvantages of using Radio Technology

Using Radio technology is quite expensive, especially since it has to be used for all items. The people using this technology to monitor the supply chain must be well-educated.



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