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How Sugar Affects The Brain by Nicole Avena Analysis

In the video “How Sugar Affects the Brain,” Nicole Avena discusses the various effects of sugar on the human brain. The way our brain responds to the thought of sugar and the temptation or craving we develop for certain sweet items, for instance, ice creams, candies, or cakes. The main acting force behind this phenomenon and its impact on the cerebral cortex. The video depicts an illustrated version to explain things to the viewer in a simpler, illustrated way. She includes the fact that sugar craving is similar to that of drugs since it affects dopamine and sends it into overdrive. Overconsumption of sugar can lead to the brain signaling the body to produce more insulin, which in the long run can be harmful to the body.

All points considered, it is conclusive that compared with the old times, children today consume far more sugar than needed. It has developed into a form of addiction, and as mentioned in the video, dopamine levels for sugar do not decline over time and result in the formation of an addictive habit. The aftermath of overconsumption of sugar is evident in forms of diabetes at a later age. A recent study has revealed the statistics of patients suffering from diabetes and the figures keep increasing over the years. I believe that the notion of a balanced diet needs to be included in our diet plan. This can only be exercised by educating our youth about the benefits of a healthy diet plan, along with letting them understand the harms of excessive sugar intake. The preference given to this video is solely on the basis of the way the message is conveyed to the viewer. Nicole educates her viewers by illustrating and breaking down the processes into smaller, digestible bits for the brain.


How sugar affects the brain – Nicole Avena




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