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How Does Sociology Help Us To (1) Better Understand How Our Own Society Functions, (2) Re-Evaluate Stereotypes And Critique Power Dynamics In Our Society And Globally, And Finally, (3) Considering 1 & 2, How Does Sociology Help Us Make Relevant Changes In Our Society?

Sociology is the study of society in which people learn about the social norms, values, culture, and religions of a particular group and society. Sociology helps people to understand society’s functions by analyzing the lives of people and different groups, their life principles, their societal structure and political systems, social interactions through proper communication methods, and the distribution of scarce resources, capital, wealth, and its distribution. Sociology provides different perspectives on society and the details of its functions. Moreover, every society has its specific functions, and different types of stereotypes exist. Many stereotypes are logical, but many of them are still illogical parts of society. For example, the number 13 is considered a bad number in many societies, and it is also considered unlucky for humans. Additionally, the power structures of societies are different from each other and have their own principles for distributing power and wealth in society. The social and economic structure of societies impacts the lives of people and provides them with a pattern to spend their lives in a specific way. Different societies have different social structures, and on a global level, many developing nations have different societal patterns from developed nations. For example, the life spending pattern of women is different in developed nations where women are allowed to make their own decisions and enjoy their rights to liberty. However, the life spending pattern of women present in developing nations is completely different from that of developed nations, as most women are not allowed to work and are not allowed to enjoy specified rights with liberty.

Kiri Davis is a girl who created a short film in 2005 when she was 17. She added the experiment of Dr. Kenneth Clark, who conducted an experiment in 1940 on the basis of racism. She conducted the same experiment in the short film and discovered that most children preferred the white doll over the black doll. Through the experiment, Kiri represented that black children prefer white dolls due to their societal impact that white people are superior to black ones. The black children are the ones who are unconscious victims of society. The movie was based on racism’s impacts on black people who suffered from hatred and misery for many decades in the country.

Billy Mills is a Native American who won a gold medal in the Olympics game. He started a movement for the rights of American Indian communities and served these communities.

Jackson T. Katz is an American educator who works and is the author of several books. He worked on gender violence and how to prevent it. He launched the program named Mentors in Violence Prevention. He worked to stop gender violence and for the prevention of bullying.

Bill McKibben is an American working as an environmentalist as well as a journalist. He has written several papers on the issue of global warming. is an anti-carbon campaign launched by Bill and his colleagues. The campaign is working on various environmental factors. It is providing assistance to the coal, oil, and gas projects. Their purpose is to reduce the reasons that are consistently increasing the temperature of the earth. It is working in more than 180 countries worldwide. More than 100 colleges joined this campaign named the Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign. The students of these colleges are providing their proposals for the cause and making valuable efforts from an environmental perspective. The campaign, its work, and its contributions to environmental factors are valuable and helpful in decreasing pollution from the environment and helping to save natural resources.

Education itself is a social institution through which students and children are able to learn about their society, culture, religion, norms, and values. An educated person who has sociological tools and considerable knowledge is able to identify certain sociological perspectives and ability to analyze different norms of society. Education develops the minds of people and helps analyze society from a broader perspective. Sociological tools are important and help people to identify their identity and their societal relationships with other people. An educated person learns to be a good and responsible citizen and what ais/her responsibilities in society.

The documentary “Tough Guise, Violence, Media and the Crisis in Masculinity” is based on a standardized American culture. It was directed and created by Jackson Katz, and the author tried to portray the nature of men. The reason is that most crimes and violent acts occur due to boys or men. The author argued that it is part of the culture in which men and boys grow. The main important feature of the documentary is the concept that men want to acknowledge their masculinity. According to the author, the destructive measures, violence, and aggressive behavior of men that are dominant in the cultural perspectives of the societies are a consistent part of men and boys. It is due to the fact that people learn from the cultural context, societal environment, and religious settings of society.


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