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The American Culture in Sports and Holidays

Culture involves the customs, habits, and arts that characterize a specific community or nation. American culture consists of the tradition and customs of the U.S. this American culture encompasses food, dressing, language, music, religion, and greetings, among other practices. Similarly, it includes both religious and scientific competitiveness, liberal and conservative elements, political structures, materialistic elements, free expression, and risk-taking as well as moral elements (Storey 100). The American culture contains various expressions because of its geographical diversity and geographical location. Anciently, America has been taken to be a melting pot, with the contribution of emigrants though ultimately conforming to typical American culture. However, starting from the 1960s to the present day, the country inclines toward pluralism, the sad bowl image, and diversity instead (Lynd 123). This paper aims at explaining the American culture in sports and holidays.


Whether representing your hometown or tossing a Frisbee at the campus courtyard in a local game, sports remain predominant in the American community. Athletics start at an early age, with children joining recreation and parks programs in their hometowns or just playing football in the backyards. They later continue further at competitive levels in the primary school up to the university, with supplementary programs playing an improvement role and teaching the students to maybe become professionals. Sports remain a recreational and leisure action even afterward as comrades catch up in tennis and golf clubs (Tomlinson and Young 45). The huge sports number is not restricted to ice hockey, baseball, American football, soccer, and basketball, but rather comprises a variety of athletic activities. On the professional stage or level, spectator sports are taking the principle of American culture and tradition. Families and even pals gather around their televisions or bear hours in traffic for them to support their desired team, whereas the athletes are shaped to become international celebrities. The process of developing the athletics skill as one grows and engages in this athletics has encouraged talented professional growth lifting athletics entertainment to an international scale (Tomlinson and Young 55).

As the children in America learn to “talk and walk”, they also learn to “throw, kick and run”. Numerous kids get exposure to sports at an early age for them to install the custom of remaining fit as well as active whereas enjoining themselves as well (Tomlinson and Young 55). Most towns provide reaction and parks programs that sponsor different learning physical activities like “monthly hikes and sports summer camps”. Additionally, the town regularly creates various youth leagues, which allow kids to compete with others. These programs are run by volunteers who emphasize enjoyment, skill development, and sportsmanship.

Sports likewise play a key role in the U.S education system, whether using compulsory physical education or a supplementary club sport. The middle class, which provides competitive sports prepares athletes and develops skills that assist for forthcoming opportunities. In addition to the classic American soccer, football, baseball, tennis, and baseball, schools usually provide competitive curriculums in field hockey, ice hockey, volleyball, squash, field and track, skiing, running, lacrosse, golf, softball, and wrestling (Tomlinson and Young 70).

After high school, talented players still play in “division I, II, and III schools” in the university. In the process of recruiting, colleges refer scouts to abroad and across the country to identify the talents they can add to the sports teams. Division, I regularly provide scholarships that entice the scouts to join their institutions. Attacking great talented young people to their university gives them prestige sense (Tomlinson and Young 70).

The “Big Four League’ dominate the professional sports in America: American baseball at Major League Baseball, football in National Football League, ice hockey in National Hockey League, and basketball in National Basketball Association (Tomlinson and Young 70). The teams in this League game represent a region, they draw large crowds and have many following fans.


First, Halloween on October 31stis a holiday that provides children with an opportunity of dressing as pretty as they can (Storey 66). They ran throughout the neighborhood shouting “treat or trick” as well as filling many pillowcases with skittles, and fun-sized snickers among other sweet delights. However even adults play these games

Second, Thanksgiving or turkey day on November 26th is a holiday that commemorates the feast communal in both the early Pilgrims and indigenous Americans in the new world. This day unites the American families whereby they cook, view games, eat, and give thanks for family, food as well as good fortune together (Lynd 90). During this holiday many go back to their homelands and workers are given four days’ leave. In addition, black Friday, November 27th is a holiday that emerged recently; however, it gets great media attention. After the Thanksgiving holiday, the retailers and shops offer great offers on different commodities. The shoppers of black Friday regularly struggle with long lines in stores.

Third, Hanukkah starting at sunset on December 6th to sunset 14th is an eight-day light festival that commemorates the holy temple’s rededication after its reclaiming it from the Greeks. The U.S Jewish families celebrate Hanukkah through the light of a menorah (Lynd 89). Every day at sunset a different candle is lit till they finish celebrating. Families likewise share food and exchange gifts. People give out the gelt and play dreidel, especially children.

Fourth, 25 Christmas on December 25th, most families use it as a time for giving thanks and sharing meals. Most people travel and other people make their homes since is the only period they commune with their other family members (Lynd 100).

Finally, on New Year’s Eve on December 31st, most people make their New Year resolutions. At the same time, others take the opportunity to celebrate the New Year. The traditional methods of celebrating include banging pans and pots, clinking champagne glass watching a televised period squire celebration, and fireworks (Lynd 100).

In sum, American sports and holidays portray American culture. Sports show how the culture is practiced from a tender age. Similarly, in the holiday, various practices and traditions are done on different holidays (Storey 123). However, America has a diverse culture because it comprises immigrants from various regions.

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