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Global Warming: the Signs and the Science

The changes in the earth’s climate were initially considered as the forces of nature. Scientific studies have explained that the earth has had a normal rise in temperature since the start of the world, but in the last one and a half centuries, the speed of the rise in temperature has increased more than that of the previous ten thousand years.

It is all because of human activities. America is facing severe drought because of a complete change in the climate of the region. The carbon dioxide (CO2) emission is increased, and the number of trees existing on the planet is decreased due to deforestation, drought, and a number of other factors.

Global warming is one of the most concerning issues globally. It is not a problem for a single country but for the whole planet, from America to Africa and Europe to East Asia. It is a natural trend of global warming, and we can’t do anything about it. The change of climate in different regions is altering the basic elements of the weather and temperature maintainability. They are sunlight, rain, evaporation, and temperature due to. These changes in the temperature and the rise of severe risks to lifestyle, health, and routines are raised. The favorite cities beside our great oceans are vanishing.

Discussion about the evidence can be analyzed that all of these changes occurred due to global warming. An increase in temperature is highly observed, and it causes the melting of ice caps on the poles. Overall the temperature of Alaska is found to be increased 7 degrees in the recent few years climatic change analysis. In many areas of Europe, Asia, and America, the parts that were rich in ice are found open, and the ice glaciers are decreasing very rapidly. Melting is triggered, and it is expected that if this melting process doesn’t stop, then very soon, the ocean levels will increase to some unexpected levels, which will cause a further loss of land areas all over the world and in the near future many areas like Maldives, some Philippines Mexica and Australian islands would never be found again, and complete civilizations will end up forever. United Nations Climate Change Conference held on 6th November 2017 analyzed that 59 of the world’s largest banks failed to take adequate actions against climate change. The conference focused on the migration issue and the global discussions on the impact of climate on the local communities as well as their impact on migration to other areas of the world.

The seasons are changing, lifestyle is getting disturbed which resulted in many cities evacuation and overpopulated. Scientists have analyzed that due to global warming and the greenhouse effect, heat is trapped inside the atmospheric layers, which is causing an overall increase in the temperature of the globe. Solar radiation streams down to the earth, some of which are reflected back to outer space while others are trapped inside. Many international conferences have been organized to discuss the ozone issue and the atmospheric temperature problem. Archeologists have predicted that the process of sunrays warming up the globe is a process that started centuries ago, and plants are responsible for trapping heat directly from the sun to make their chlorophylls work to carry the process of photosynthesis.

One of the main sources of the increase in temperature is the increase in the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. The sources of carbon varies from region to region. CO2 is an important component of the Earth’s atmosphere. The blood chemistry is controlled by carbon dioxide. It drives photosynthesis, the main purpose of plants. The change of its status in any region would produce some definite consequences. There are many activists who say we don’t want to know about the consequences in detail if it is confirmed that there would be any consequences. Recently United Nations have discussed that the carbon dioxide increase I the atmosphere is one of the main cause of the ocean’s acidification. The report was submitted by the Social Good Summit (Civil Society Organization), and its final publication was published by the United Nations. According to the elaboration of the problem by this report, it was stated that global warming’s main causes are the CO2 unprecedented levels in the atmosphere. Flooding, melting ice, rising sea levels, droughts, & the devastation of ecosystems at sea are some of the main causes.

The United States is one of the biggest energy consumers and emitters. China is also an emerging superpower and has left no stone unturned in contributing to energy usage. In China and the USA, more than a billion people are using the same kind of appliances. Car ownership has risen up to 100% since 1990. China owns the world’s richest coal reserves and is using them to produce energy. Both countries are the top contributors to global warming. One of the most concerning issues is population increase, which is also a cause of global warming. The symptoms are deadly. India, China, and some of the world’s known developing countries have increased birth rates.

Global warming and its impact on climatic change have caused severe impacts on the population living on the Atlantic shores, and the example is France. Recent summer the number of people fainted was outnumbered and due to higher temperatures. The heat waves are killing the people, and the number is increasing to thousands. Analysts are unable to predict the solution, but they requested that the people in the most affected areas stay at home and keep themselves hydrated.

Ebola and Vibrio cola are the highly seen diseases observed during to the temperature increase in the atmosphere. The very hot starts of the summers are not understandable and cause severe impacts on the population.

The sea levels have increased. Outnumbered villages in the coastal areas were destroyed completely. Mexican most active seaports are drowned and are not working any further currently. There are huge acres of rainy forests that were grown in 200 years and ended in just a single long-lasting drought. The water was completely ended, and the normal life of cattle owners was also completely disturbed. Agriculture was disturbed, and food growth was limited to only 60% compared to the very recent past. The analysts have explained that future generations will study our time and will discuss what was wrong with our values as we are not doing anything.

There are many conferences and programs that are taking responsibility for engaging people in helping reduce global warming by limiting their usage of energy. Schools are used for awareness programs in the United States, Europe, and China, and they help children understand energy-saving techniques.

In China, electric cars are becoming popular, and policies are being implemented to clean the environment as soon as possible. Engineering colleges and universities are creating energy-saving trucks. Solar panels in New Jersey are manufactured, installed, and used highly in the city. The solar panel system can produce more energy and produce no emission of pollutants compared to any other way of energy generation. People are doing a lot to do something great to undo the damage, which is considered impossible to undo by the analysts. Everyone has higher hopes, and it is expected that something positive will come out of these efforts.



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