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Family of Freedom: Presidents and African-Americans in the White House

The race is always been an important issue in the United States since its establishment. Black slaves, who came from Africa with the purpose of slavery, were the ones who suffered from many hardships due to their status in the United States. But due to their consistent efforts, movements, and fight for their rights lead them to success and now they are national citizens of the United States named as African Americans. Kenneth T. Walsh wrote a book, “Family of Freedom: Presidents and African-Americans in the White House” which is based on the racial issues and the availability of the African Americans in the White House and their fight from slavery through civil rights. He added the presidency experience with a lens of African Americans. The author tried to differentiate between race patterns of the Presidents and their accomplishments, including Washington, Wilson, Truman, the Roosevelts, and Barack Obama. Moreover, the author included private interactions of the Presidents and their implementation of the policies. He also added several elements of race relations in the American Politics system.

Barack Obama is the first African-American, and most popular figure in the history of the country, who successfully became the President of the United States. But the white house has many historical events that show the existence of African-Americans into the American political system. The building of the white house was constructed by slaves when the African Americans were used as slaves. They fought for their rights and completed their journey from servants to advisors in the white house or in the country. The author of the book emphasized the efforts of African Americans, and their old history of racial issues and problems. The racial progress in the country is also highlighted by the author in the book. He added the examples of Abraham Lincoln, Johnson, and Martin Luther King who were great figures in the African American history. Their efforts for the civil rights accomplished its target and they achieved the title and freedom of national American citizens. The book emphasized on the US history, in which the relationship between African Americans and the White House are briefly discussed. The relationships between Presidents of the United States and the African Americans are shown as an important component linked with White House. The author discussed the race issues faced by African Americans and how these issues developed their behavior over the years.

In 2008, when Barack Obama became the President of the United States, numerous people including African Americans celebrated success on a huge level. Nobody imagined that success, but when it happened, everyone celebrated that historical movement. He represented nothing but great leadership skills and showed that he is the part of a great nation. The black started their journey with slavery in the United States but became the US citizens due to their certain efforts. When Barack Obama became US President, it was the great success of African Americans with the slogan, “Yes, We Can.” Everyone, (other than African Americans) considered that Obama will only focus on the racial issues in the country and will try to reduce its level. But oppositely, Obama implemented a neutral administration. He adopted the same ideologies that were adopted by all the white presidents of the United States. He focused on the crisis that was occurring during his Presidentship such as the great recession. Also, he pays attention to more specific tasks such as increased rate of unemployment, terrorism, optimism, and a huge oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The book added several other important factors such as the indispensable roles of Black people in the White House. Black people served the white house in the form of advisors, slaves, servants, confidants, and friends of the Presidents. But most importantly, the most presidents of the country always supported the white supremacy and pay less attention to racial issues of the country. The author added the example of Abraham Lincoln, who favored the differences between black and white people and who consistently worked for ending the slavery system from the country. He believed that white and black people are two different races and they should be treated differently because he believed that the black people will never trust the white ones due to their uncertain behavior in the past decades. The author of the book added that the black people who served the white house or the presidents of the country are complete examples of loyalty, pride, and discretion. They always devoted their efforts and true intentions towards their country and to their Presidents. It is stated in the book by Valerie Jarrett, who was an advisor of Barack Obama, “They all just feel that it’s the office that is an honor to serve, and that transcends party affiliation. It transcends race, and it would transcend the gender.” It means that black people always served the white house and the presidents without their intentions to only consider the issues of race rather they devoted their lives to their country with dignity and pride. Moreover, Black slaves also contributed in the construction process of the white house. Their labor force was cheap and easily available during the construction process of the white house. In return, the slaves were provided with food and blankets. Later on, in the duration of Abraham Lincoln, many slaves were granted positions in the white house, and they always make fair choices and decisions for the country.

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