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Essence of Social Sciences on the Social Development

Sociological theories, in general, are statements that are made about facts that describe why and how specific events that are coherent with the world link similarities among them. These points describe the idea of a concise description of a single social process and that of a paradigm providing an interpretation and analysis.

Fuller’s sociological theory presents an insight in this regard, presenting sociological theories such as Structural functionalism, conflict theory, and Symbolic interaction as examples that present their micro approach to understanding the broad sociology topic (Roggeband & Klandermans, 2017). These theories are useful in providing a more comprehensive understanding of different aspects of social life. Considering all points, Fuller’s theory assists in defending the point that “Studying sociology is beneficial both for the individual and for society. By studying sociology, people learn how to think critically about social issues and problems that confront our society” can best be defended by providing substantial supporting points from Structural Functionalism Theory.

The theory of functionalism, often referred to as structural functionalism theory and being the first and foremost among all of the methods views society as a whole as a structure where each part is interconnected and corresponds to changes in the social and biological needs of its individuals. It is imperative to understand that every individual collectively forms a society, and they are both reliant on each other to function correctly. The written statement, as it mentions that “sociology is beneficial for individuals and society,” is precisely according to the concepts of functionalism theory, which states that each change will also result in a change in society. Evidently, every individual contributes toward the well-being of the community, and since each behaves similarly to organs in the human body, failure in one could collapse the internal system in the body.


Roggeband, C., & Klandermans, B. (Eds.). (2017). Handbook of social movements across disciplines. Springer.




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