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Diversity and Plurality of New York

The Network Times article “Newyork Observed: Kickflipping Manhattan” by Aniko Busch is the intriguing essay about the city of Newyork and Manhattan; the Newyork city is described as a multicultural, diverse and full of plurality where one has to introduce themselves. (Busch, 2004) There are a splendid rhythm, order, and chaos in the Newyork city that makes up the urban landscape.

When someone comes and bring their children to Newyork, it is a whole new experience. The Museum of National History Newyork is the attraction for the millions around the world; they see it multiple times. The kids learn to introduce themselves to the city properly until they are 14 years old and learn to ride the skateboards. How teenage claim the urban space of Newyork is a lesson to learn. The urban spaces can be plotted on the charts and maps; The deign and the architecture is intriguing. The Grand Central Terminal is another great attraction representing the renovated ceilings, a sequence of stairs and ramps. The most majestic place in the city is Penn Plaza which is a concrete and steel tower in Midtown. It is made of marble ledges and staircases, it was a public place 40 years ago and still has benches and platforms where all tricks can be practiced. (Busch, 2004)

Tomkin’s Square to St.Patrick Cathedral is another historical place, but the most worth visiting place is Seagram Building which is the modern landmark in the midtown. It has a 35-foot long granite manual pad; the stair sets, planters, and lampposts are also a chief attraction. The way these landmarks have been subverted is astonishing. People come to New York from different avenues; everyone can see the street performers, the musicians, dealers, vendors, etc. gathered here and serving the public. (Busch, 2004)

During the last century, the urban planners have faced many challenges to make Newyork a modern, accessible city for the public. The very large buildings often create chaos, and the traffic authorities have to work hard to achieve their goal. The city works for teenagers who love skateboarding like the author’s sons; it is also known as a teenage tenacity which accommodates them we.ll. These teenagers have transformed Newyork into a city gym. Manhattan is also a beautiful place admired by the architect Rem Koolhass. The beauty of becoming a citizen of Newyork is the part of becoming the resident of landmark buildings which help people to claim this city as their own. Most people come to see these architectures and public urban spaces and take great experiences back home.

Network City shows the incredible cultural diversity and the ethnic population is changing here for many years. The number of kids living in the lower parts of Manhattan has increased significantly; a majority of Bronx residents are of Hispanic race. But the white people living in the Harlem has tripled. Many of the families have been affected by the recession and faced poverty, and low-income, the diversity, and dynamism of the city is shown in the Sunset Park Brooklyn where 17% residents do not speak English. It is an Asian area where immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh have made the place incredibly diverse. Around 37% of the Newyork population was born outside Newyork. The growing diversity of suburbs makes it the town of the young community who love to enjoy its plurality and culture. (Roberts, 2008)


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