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Dead Poets Society by Tom Schulman and Robin Williams


The Dead Poets Society is an American drama film written by the Tom Schulman and the Robin Williams. The film was praised, and it was a box office success. The Tom has received the award for the best screenplay. The film revolves around the tale of an English teacher who inspires and convince his students through the teaching of the poetry. The main character of the movie was Neil Perry. In pursuit of finding himself, he meets with his teacher which help him in finding the particular dream. The school somehow accepted the individuality of the Neil but not by his father. Conformity is mostly expected from the group, individuals, and the different factions. Three diverse societies illustrate the compliance in the film.


Analysis of the film shows that there is individuality that exists even insides the groups. Any person can be attributed to the phenomena of identity but each group in the movie, there is individuality with each of the character. The movie proved that identity could be fit with those traditional and conventional societies. The film reveals that in a school where strict and rigid rules are applied. The school represents the aspects of society, and it is the first of three diverse cultures of the particular community. The ceremonial welcome at the start of the film with the banners that quotes discipline, honor, excellence and the tradition shows the expectations of the culture from the children. The rules that are set by the conventional society binds the school to prepare the children according to the respective norms.

Different methodologies applied to convey the message to the students. Some use the professional manners, and some try to influence the feeling and thoughts of the learners (Caron, 1). However, what Keating as a teacher English did with his student it will have long-lasting effects on the minds of the children. Though he was fired from the job over the activities of the dead poets’ society, his message can never be distracted from the minds of his students. Similarly bore and confuse Neil Perry got to meet with the Keating who helped him in the finding of himself. The restriction from the parents of the Neil drives him to the edge. Here the school rules and convention are not so strict for him but the father who was expecting something else from him.

The group of the boys inside the school has formed the group to read and give practical shape to the inspiration from their teacher. They went to the cave after the school hours and read the poems. It was a kind of deviant behavior against the conform rules of the society and the school, but they have certain rules for their inspirations. The boys also brought material along with them like the cigarette, food and other related items. Other than one of the boys Todd, all have expected to read the poems aloud. The group of the boys also have to keep the meeting secret along with the conversation they have during their sitting. By doing these activities, they show their conformity with the society.

Each characteristic of the member of the group reveals that they have certain individual traits. The boys of the Dead Poets Society try to represent their self. One of the member Todd was shy and was afraid of speaking at public places or in front of the people. Regardless of the rules of the group society also restrain the Todd not to talk loudly. There was an exception in the group for those who have personal issues. With the passage of time and with the conversation and meeting among the members of the group, Todd later finds that he has the passion for the inspirational poetry (Neck, 181). Here the question is that why he was not allowed to speak before the group for poetry has started their meeting and conversation of the idealistic thoughts.

In the film of Dead Poets Society, every boy wanted to become a doctor, engineer and the lawyers. These preferences of the children show that their parents’ thoughts and ideas are profoundly influencing them in deciding their future plans and goals. They have no personal opinions and the dreams for their life. In such a society where teacher like Mr. Keating try to provide his class a different perspective of life will face rebuttal from the conventional members of the community. The principle and the parents of the students have fired the English teacher from its job just because he wanted to give the real lesson of life to the students.

The teacher of English has provided different hopes and the dreams to the children in conform society. The faculty member of the school and the parents severely opposes those dreams of their children and show angriness towards the teacher. Similarly, the tradition is one of the most emphasized pillars in the film of Dead Poets Society (Witte, 108). The hallways that were filled with the photographs of alumni to the rituals that were performed by the people from many years Welton stand for the excellence through the tradition. However, the most exciting point of the film was at the end when Mr. Keating moves in the class for the collection of his material. He was surprised by the response of the students who stand in his honor and salute him. They called him as their real captain despite shut up calls from the new teacher.


Concluding the discussion, the Dead Poets Society is presenting one of the great and valuable lessons for the people and parents. There is no discretion about the illness of conventional rules of the society. Those rules are also necessary, but the organization must adopt new things especially the creativity in their children. They must encourage teacher like Mr. Keating. The faculty and the other member can also learn from the teaching of Mr. Keating. The conformity is most likely expected from not only children but also from the group, individuals, and the factions.

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