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Confinement Experience for two weeks for 10 hours per day

Initially, I thought it was going to be scary as spending 10 hours in confinement was something I had never experienced before. That is why it took me a while to prepare myself for this unique experience. Also, two weeks sounded too much to remain in isolation for ten hours per day by keeping in mind the rules that there will be no noTv, radio or computer in the room, I can only have an hour’s trip to the kitchen without taking any food to the room, one drink in the room with a condition of no additional drinks once I am back in the room, wearing light and simple clothing, no sharp items to be taken to the room, keeping one journal for 10 hours, no weight lifting equipment or games, on top of that I am allowed to use toilet maximum thrice a day without taking a bath or shower during 10 hours of confinement period per day for two weeks, verbal communication is allowed when I am outside the room, no verbal communication inside the room, only pen, and paper I can keep to write down my experience. I knew I was capable of achieving this target, and all I had to do was make up my mind, which I eventually managed to do.

Finally, being confined in a room for 10 hours over the period of two weeks with strict abidance of defined rules proved to be a great experience for me. Although, initially, I was surrounded by boredom, I later started enjoying the state of confinement. Answers to six questions Q1. How did you approach this project? Q2. How did you prepare? Q3. How did you feel before the project? Q4. How did you feel after the project? Q5. What were your thoughts during the confined period of 10 hours? Q6 When and if you break the rules, and what were the reasons under

How did you approach the project?

I took it as a challenge. Although, in preparing my mind, I got a little confused as to how I’d complete two weeks under such conditions, I decided to accomplish this task by strictly following all the rules. I had an idea that this project carried some benefits in terms of developing my temperament and patience and knowing more about myself. Actually, when I am busy, I think, but when I am alone, my mind ponders. I knew I was going to go through a healthy experience and apparently a difficult project. Also, my interest lies in emotional intelligence, and for its improvement, my mind has to be solid with a strong temperament. I thought I would work on my emotional intelligence during the confinement period. So, with this mindset, I approached this project with the following mindset: My commitment was another factor that helped me complete this project successfully.

How did you prepare?

Through constant thought processes, I managed to prepare myself for this project. In this regard, credit goes to my parents and friends, as they supported me greatly. I had discussions with my friends and family days before starting this project. Also, a couple of my friends made fun of this project in a light manner, but actually, they backed me. Of course, I needed a reasonable amount of motivation in order to spend ten hours per day in confinement, and that too for two weeks. Luckily, with the help of my family and friends, I acquired the level of motivation required to take up this challenging task. Also, my willpower played an instrumental role in my preparation. It almost took two days and two nights to mentally prepare myself for this task.

How did you feel before the project?

Before practically starting the project, I thought two weeks was a long period, and on top of that, conditions were hard to meet, but the elements of interest and commitment took over earlier feelings. I asked myself a couple of questions about whether I had the required level of patience. Do I have the temperament that is needed to complete this project? Before answering these questions, I thought that the answers to both questions must be “yes” because “no” would be a disappointment for me. So, “Yes” was my answer to both the questions. This answer literally encouraged me to start the project with a positive mindset as I felt committed to achieving the task. The answer of yes wiped off all the negativity that was surrounding me before the start of the project. The voice came from inside of me that it was doable, that is why I must do this, and there was no other way.

How did you feel after the project?

I had a sense of achievement after successfully completing the project. I felt I had analyzed my personality critically. After the confinement period, I marked the areas where I needed improvement. I also had a feeling that commitment makes things easier in life. The things that apparently seem hard to achieve are not actually impossible, the main thing is firm state of mind. Once you take on the challenge with a positive attitude, hardships turn into ease. I also felt more patient than before after the successful completion of the project. This all added a sense of positivity inside me. Overall, I felt positive after the project of being confined over a period of two weeks for 10 hours per day.

What were your thoughts during the confined period of 10 hours?

During the confined period, I was missing my PC as I am a frequent user of my laptop, I normally spend my time surfing on internt. During the first two days of confinement, I kept on convincing myself that I had to spend 10 hours per day without my computer. The duration of my reading of the journal was from one to one and a half hours. I thought about my previous grades in school. I realized that with a little more effort, I could have achieved more. I also devised the strategy of working hard. I thought about my future as well. I thought about what I would do in the span of the next five years. I saw myself in a very good position in the years to come. I had a flashback of my past, especially bitter experiences with my friends and some conflicts that I went through. I tried to overcome the unpleasant thought process, but somehow, it was striking my mind. So, I started writing those experiences on paper, this gave me a little peace of mind as previously my mind was in a state of war with my thoughts. I also waited for half an hour to go to the kitchen because I felt hungry quite often during those 10 hours of confinement each day over the period of two weeks.

On the fourth day, I had a random thought about quitting, but I managed to convince myself to carry on with the project for the remaining days. Further, my mind started recalling the old jokes that I heard and I used to crack in my school days, this gave me a bit of laughter and I enjoyed myself, I paid attention to all the elements involved in the joke that aims to bring laughter on faces. After fifth day I started thinking seriously about my shortcomings and the ways to improve them. I said to myself that I shouldn’t get carried away with the things that bother me. I also formed the strategy of working hard to achieve good grades. I wrote down the time that should be given to each subject to obtain good grades. Besides, I also wrote descriptions of my own personality and then added critical reviews on that. I attempted yoga as I had heard that it gives mental advantages but I couldn’t do that properly, I thought after two weeks I will learn Yoga and will practice it to attain peace and relaxation of mind. I had a feeling that I was doing the right thing, and I had to complete it anyway. On the 10th day, I was really excited, and I thought it was a matter of four days now.

If you broke the rules, what were the reasons behind that?

Fortunately, I didn’t break any rules rather I strictly followed all the prescribed rules. Although, first few days were difficult in this regard but after some days I was in control.

In a nutshell, the overall experience proved to be positive. I learnt patience, I reviewed myself thoroughly, I thought about my future and my standing especially in next five years. This all gave me a roadmap. Also, I pondered over very important things about my personality. Finally, I was happy that I kept myself away from the computer for 10 hours a day, which I never did in recent times when at home. I realized computers and the internet were not addictions to me. Importantly, I felt more committed to my goal.



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