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Comparison and Contrast of Two Jobs I have had


I am an experienced, professional person having work experience in different and contrasting fields. My First Job was at Mc’Donalds and now currently I am working as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Both of these jobs played a vital role in my grooming me both professionally and technically as well. Now I am a better person after having worked in two versatile fields. I learned a lot from both of these jobs and I cherish every moment that I had while working in these fields. This essay is all about a comparison and contrast of two versatile jobs I have had.


My First job was at Mc’Donalds. Mc’Donalds is a remarkable place to work if it’s your first job ever to take hold of a little part-time cash. Mc’Donalds was a great learning curve for me, this experience taught me lot of valuable job skills such as punctuality, communication skills, Ability to work under pressure situations, incredibly flexible shifts, learned to adapt to different situations on daily basis, and how to keep a smile on your face at all time for the customers.

The Best part about working at Mc’Donalds was that it is more like a family in which everyone is trying their best to work as a team. Teamwork is the mantra behind every Mc’Donalds outlet. Everyone at Mc’Donalds tries to learn from each other and give valuable lessons to each other. As a Mc’Donalds employee, my biggest priority was “customer satisfaction”. I always tried my best to achieve customer satisfaction. If a customer is unhappy with the service or food, I try to solve this issue as soon as possible. Seeing a smile on customers face, when they receive their food from Mc’Donalds was so refreshing for me.

My second job was as a Nurse LPN. Being a Nurse is so close to my soul, having helped all those patients gives me a sense of relief. In my view, Nursing adds to humanity and society in numerous ways by helping indivduals to get rid of their diseases and help them achieve their health goals. I always try my level best to preserve the privacy of all the patients so they would feel comfortable in sharing with me about all their health related issues. As a Nurse, I tend to provide all the relevant information to all the patients about their health issues and also to their families on how to treat various diseases and how to recogonze various symptoms of diseases. As a Nurse, I always tried my best to become a role model for all of my patients by making sure that I follow all the recommendations on how to live a healthy life. My belief on Nursing is that we have a gigantic obligation as a nurses to the society to deliver safe, comprehensive, care to all of our patients. My particular faith is that patients are human beings, that must have the luxury of proper personalized care and they are not some medical conditions or particular room numbers.

Nursing is a profession that endeavors to provide relief to the patients in need of help. I have a responsibility to energetically learn and even further enhance my knowledge and skill level. As a Nurse, I try to learn, not only from textbooks and medical journals, but also from my felloe nurses of the hospital. My biggest priorty as a nurse is that I tend to reflect on my own actions, rather than finding excuses, and I always try my best to learn from my own mistakes. I try to associate with the relatives of the patients and always try to communicate with them about the possible causes of the disease and how they can prevent it from happening again, for future. I have a firm belief that I am a much better nurse than I was, the day before, and hopefully, I will be an even more improved nurse tomorrow. Field of Nursing brings renewed opportunities, experiences and challenges for me everyday, leaving no possibility for boredom at all.

As a Nurse, My essential viewpoints are compassion towards patients, safety of patients, honesty, persistence, and learning through mistakes. I never forget about these rules and regulations of nursing even after the close of my shift. As a nurse, the first thing I did was to acquire knowledge about the anatomy and functioning of the human body and how to treat it effectively. As a Nurse, I always try to associate with my patient and alwys try to build trust between us, because if there is no trust in patient/nurse relationship, I will never be properly taking care of him.


Both of my jobs were a very fulfilling experience for me, helping me move forward in my life. I always considered the noble profession of Nursing as my passion, as it was very close to my soul. Helping people always kind of gave me a sense of happiness and relief. While I was at Mcdonalds, I was enjoying myself there as well learning some of the most valuable job skills, one could ever hope to learn, but as soon as the better opportunity came, I went for it and I am glad that I took this great opportunity of being a nurse with both of my hands. Hopefully, I will learn more through this experience and hopefully, more opportunities will also come in my way.




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