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What Islam says about Parent’s role for Children

Islam is a religion of peace. It envisions humanity as an institution whose core institution is a family that includes parents’ role for children. That is why building up the relationship between parent and child ties becomes more significant. Thus, the social fabric of the Muslim community continues to be intact inside the border of Islamic society. Quran has numerous verses that are replete with commandments to both children and parents to understand their obligations and responsibilities coupled with proper etiquettes comprising social interaction. In Quran Surah Israel verse 23 Allah Said:

Valuable Investment

Islam explains the spirit of parenting in a true manner that makes us realize that kids are not the glitter and pomp of our worldly life but a trust given to us by Allah Almighty. In Surah AL Kahf Allah further explains the reality of this relationship in the following words:

Children are a big blessing from Allah SWT, and our lives are enlightened by taking this trust from Allah Immigration in Texas seriously. By grooming our kids according to Allah’s will who ordered us to take care of this valuable investment, we can protect ourselves and them from the dangers of hellfire.

Mutual Gain and Loss

An ideal Islamic society can be achieved if the children are nurtured according to Islamic teachings. However, raising kids is a big test of Allah SWT and an examination to check parents’ commitment towards this important obligation. Allah SWT stated in Surah At Taghbun verse 15:

The success of this test establishes harmony and peace in the child-parent relationship. Children will give love and respect to their elders and parents will keep earning good deeds in their lives and after their death due to pious and righteous progeny. That is how parents get their reward as Allah and Prophet Muhammad PBUH promised.

Pleasure of Parents is Pleasure of Allah SWT

Good behavior towards parents is part of faith. This shows the significance of being dutiful towards parents. Children need to show an exemplary attitude towards their parents. Allah SWT explains the severity of this issue in the following verse of Surah Israel verse 23-24:

Allah SWT stresses the fact that the pleasure of Allah lies in the pleasure of parents and the happiness of Allah is in the happiness of parents.

Total Submission

Children are bound to be completely obedient to parents until they order something against Islamic teaching and Sunnah. The significance of total submission can be deduced from the following saying of Prophet Muhammad PBUH:

May Allah SWT for his mercy upon our parents and bind our hearts together. Ameen



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