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understanding the personal leadership characteristics and identifying the leadership style

Leadership is known as the necessary paradigm of life and is closely linked to other facets of life. It is the one key perspective that reflects personal development. Undoubtedly, the concept of leadership is the effective interpretation of personal thoughts and attitudes regarding life. Different dimensions and characteristics of the broader sense of leadership help to understand the personal view of leading others or working in a group (Komives, Lucas, & McMahon, 2013).

A better understanding of personal leadership characteristics and identifying the leadership style helps to effectively align the leadership techniques with the need for the leadership role in the different facets of life. Here the focus is to reflect my attributes and characteristics concerning the aspect of leadership. It will be helpful for me to understand my leadership style critically and features more effectively and reshape them for a better approach to leading others in the future.

I believe that leadership is one of the greatest concerns of everyone’s life. It plays an influential role in the different transitional phases of individual life. It provides necessary indications and directions to work in a group with other members. This particular aspect of leadership can be a point of concern at the community level. My core responsibility is to effectively align myself with the other team members at the organizational or community level. It is evident that the role of leadership is different perceived y different disciplines and different cultures. I belong to an extended family that originally belonged to Ghana, West Land. It is crucial for me to mention as I believe that African culture significantly impacts my particular leadership style. It helps me develop a specific leadership approach closely linked to my origin’s specific norms and traditions.

Identification of the traditions encourages me to get a better understanding of my values and cultural principles. I follow the traditions of respecting the elderly, marriage, family, inheritance, etiquette, and my religion as a member of the African community. The particular prospects of family and respecting elders help me to develop particular attributes of effectively working with others. Adopting the features of cooperation and helping others are the leadership attributes I learned from my family principles. The necessary focus and the adaptability of Christianity as a religion ultimately helped me to develop the approach of working spiritually smarter. It encourages me to consider the facet of wholeness. Giving necessary value to the prospect of others encourages me to work with them respectfully. Traditions of etiquette and religion also help me give proper value to diversity in my life. I perceive others with more respect and the aspect of acceptance. It helps to align myself with the viewpoints of others. A better understanding of diversity is known as the crucial feature for applying a better leadership approach. It helps the leader to understand the different dimensions and concerns of all the team members and provides the necessary motivation for the team’s goals and objectives.

A necessary understanding of the personal attributes concerning environmental factors helps individuals identify the different attributes or characteristics related to the overall leadership process. A proper understanding of the specific norms and values related to the prospect of community helps to figure out the personal approach of leadership and align it with the essential need for better performance and involvement. I better understand my specific race and ethnicity, which ultimately helps me recognize myself as a leader. I feel in a better position to understand myself and the particular expectations of concerned people with me as the leader. My better understanding of my race and ethnicity ultimately helps me understand my community’s specific leadership requirements. It helps me to find out better leadership approaches to apprehend the idea of leading others. Different theories and concepts related to the facet of leadership indicate that it is an ever-changing paradigm. It comes up with different features of development. The prospect of leadership encourages individuals to develop different skills and characteristics, which helps them enhance their leadership approach.

The development of particular moral values with the passage of time helps me to understand the needs of others and work with others as a team for better outcomes. The development process requires a more purposeful and inclusive approach. I felt more focused on the completion of the team goals and objectives. Understanding the broader feature is another crucial feature that can help me motivate others to follow one direction. I consider myself more empowered and process-oriented to understand the different features better while working in a group. These features help me take charge and provide necessary help to others in goal attainment. I perceive that my particular role in my family setting also helps me understand leadership’s features and effectively align my attributes and characteristics with the requirements of leading others. Offering necessary support to my family, which can be financial aid, allows me to accept different responsibilities. It helps me understand my duties and adopt effective approaches to deal with different issues. This particular attribute is a good feature in applying an effective leadership approach.

Different life events made me realize I effectively understand how to address the issues and provide the required approach to my followers to deal with the problem. This personality feature can help me understand different problems and provide better solutions. Reflection on my personality indicates that I show concern for problems when they are needed. I have a personality trait that aligns people as a team to attain a particular objective or resolve a specific issue. Necessary encouragement to others is one of the prominent features of my personality, and it has developed over the years.

I believe that encouraging others can be immensely effective in motivating them for a particular purpose. I have a better understanding and adaptability to appreciating others for effective performance. I feel good about providing the necessary motivation to other people. This particular aspect of motivating others is considered the primary approach to effective leadership. Another aspect that is immensely crucial in the case of leadership is decision-making. It is necessary for the leader to make effective and efficient decisions to get better results. I feel I am a better contributor to the overall process of decision-making. I have the necessary ability to process the particular problem timely and make essential inferences about the issue. I always try to adopt a proactive approach to dealing with different issues. Considering the necessary actions related to the positive change is one of the major concerns regarding my decisions regarding different issues. Finally, it is notable that the specific approach of my family ethics and my religious beliefs play a vital role in adopting better approaches to leadership which helps and encourages others to meet their goals in life.


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