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Business finance covers a multitude of diverse occupations, such as in global finance, budget analysis, portfolio management and financial forecasting

Of What nature is Tencent’s investment in Tesla? How would you characterize Tencent as a stakeholder?

At a time when the world has already accepted globalization, news about businesses forging international alliances or enemies is not new anymore. Today, companies based in one part of the world can interact with clients, competitors, and allies from all over the world, within a difference of a few minutes. We have the internet which has made communication as natural as anything(“Tesla Gets Backing of Chinese Internet Giant Tencent –

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Accounting is a subject which has become integral to our daily life. From homemakers to people in business, and politicians to entertainers, everyone must have a basic understanding of the subject(“Dell Technologies Inc. (DVMT) Earnings Per Share”). The reason why it is a compulsory subject is that accounting helps a person analyze his or her financial position. Businesses use accounting to understand whether they have earned a profit or loss.

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IKEA is a global furniture retailer with a presence on five continents on Earth. The company started in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, in Sweden. Kamprad had a vision of selling affordable furniture to the middle classes, so he set up a business which will sell low-cost furniture. IKEA launched the idea of flat-pack furniture, which can easily be attached to the end consumer, using the instructions manual(Kripa Pattabiraman, 17:07:28 UTC).

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ACCOUNTANT RESPONSIBILITIES: ·       Handling bank deposits ·       Bank statement reconciliations ·        Management of financial reports, budgets and making forecasts ·       Analysing economic data for better decision making

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Why do people go to work? Why would anyone get up at 6 a.m. and get dressed up and leave the coziness of his bed, then get stuck in the traffic to reach the office on time? Well, the obvious answer, to the best of my knowledge is that people want jobs so that they can earn a living so that they can make enough to feed their families and

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Most people live all their lives doing what the world tells them to do until that one shining moment comes which makes them change their mind. Human beings are apparently unique and mysterious creatures(Melville, Herman. 1853. Bartleby, the Scrivener). What we do sometimes amazes us as well. The history of humankind is full of stories that cannot be possible logically, yet they are. From the story of David versus Goliath

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SYNOPSIS Today, after ten years, iPhones are used for almost everything, from ordering food, to paying bills and finding a date. However, with the advent of iPhone, several other tech companies have entered the market with their gadgets(Metz, n.d.). Google, Microsoft, and Samsung are some of the big names that are competing with Apple. Apart from these several other smaller companies provide the same facility in low prices. The big

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ABSTRACT On the 26th of November, 2008, a group of armed terrorists attacked the city of Mumbai. Over the course of four days, terrorists; related to an Islamic terrorist organization, carried out some attacks, it involved shooting and bombing all over Mumbai. The attacks, which drew condemnation from across the globe, resulted in 164 people being killed and at least 308 wounded. On the 29th of November, India’s National Security

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EXXONMOBIL Company Analysis

The company chosen is Exxon Mobil Corporation; the multinational oil and gas corporation. Exxon Mobil is one of the oldest oil and gas companies on Earth. Formed after the break-up of the famous Standard Oil Company, Exxon and Mobil become separate companies. However, they came together in 1999, making it the largest Oil and Gas Company(“About ExxonMobil,” n.d.). In its 135-year-old history, the multinational giant has grown from a regional

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INTRODUCTION The stock market is a collection of markets where the trading and issuing of equities and other sorts of securities takes place. The stock market is one of the most important tools of a free-market economy, as it provides companies with access to capital in exchange for giving a fraction of ownership to investors.

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Abstract This paper discusses the distribution of retained earnings, the procedure for the allocation of retained earnings and the impact it has on a company and its owners. The general perception of the owners/shareholders of a company, based on the dividends paid, is discussed. This paper also presents the performance of a real-life company’s shares, to give a clear understanding of the topic.

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National Debt of America

For America, it has become extremely important to reduce their national debt to increase their political and social stability. Out of several proposals for decreasing the national debt, I believe that the most important and possibly effective recommendation is to cut down the military and defense budget of the United States.

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Industrial Revolution in Great Britain Essay

The Industrial Revolution began in the eighteenth century in Britain. The revolution had an impact on only the industrial aspects but the social, economic and cultural aspects of life. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, a large amount of manpower required for producing goods, most of the work was done in small workshops and products were mostly handmade. Machinery was operated by human labor or animals.

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Google: The Quest to Balance Privacy with Profits

Synopsis: Google is a web search engine, which was initially known as BackRub inaugurated its operations in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry. The advent of Google was a result of a research project at Stanford University, the purpose of which was to look for documents on the Internet. Today, Google is a multinational, publicly traded organization that owns products and services that go beyond the ownership of the search

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The Determinants of London House Pricing

1.     Introduction The housing prices and the market is one of the core indicators of the economic performance of any country and region. Since last decade, the housing prices and market stability of London have been under great consideration and turbulence. Significant price changes and elevations have been observed in recent times that has concerned the common man of London.

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Ethical Business Code of France and Germany

Business etiquettes are an essential part of a company to manage. It is also referred to the code of ethics in any organization. The study is to guide business consulting professionals about the business etiquettes of two countries, to help them understand the cultural diversity of the nation better. 

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James Inc Company Analysis

Purpose The export plan for this project is James Inc. The company plans to export new and used sedans to Mexico. This export action plan is necessary to gain the idea of ​​the target market before exporting these vehicles and entering the market. This plan helps the company understand the market and comply with Mexico’s entry regulations, but it helps the company focus on the mission of maintaining revenue in

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MarketWatch Company Analysis

It is financial information company website which provides business news, stock market data, and analysis. It is the subsidiary of the Dow Jones and company the property of the news corp. It is part of the Dow Jones Consumer Media Group along with Walls Street Journal. The company normally operate with the stock market simulation and the It provides radio update for every thirty minutes on its website (

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How can marijuana distributors stay in business?

There are not a lot of persons who look a marijuana industry with appreciation. There will be a societal and communal burden to close the work or not even initiate an action in this work. This is why it is vital that you uphold a prominent and sociable personality (Rockefeller, n.d.).

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