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Brickell City Centre Project Analysis


The Development project that I have chosen is Brickell City Centre in Miami. Brickell City Centre is the novel milestone of Miami. If the whole thing goes down as scheduled, the Centre will be somewhat people will subordinate to the city of Miami at the chief peep. In the core of Centre Miami, the new plan will cost $1.05 billion, and it will be the 1st project of its type; construction is made of steel, fabric, and glass.

What marks the Environment Band superior project is the point that the retail area will not have Air conditioning, shopping Centers in one of the warmest zones in the United States will run without an A.C., and clients won’t sense the warmth. This is the result of the many years of technical exploration, as well as architectural development the designers of the plan have accomplished to generate a part of the sculpture that works as an awning. The main trick is that the Environment Band will bind the air upcoming off of Biscayne Bay and then through that air into the shopping area(“Brickell City Center,” 2017).

The entire plan is made from three chunks: the east block, the west block, and the north block. When observing it from the air, the whole project will look like a giant L Alphabet. All of the blocks will be dissimilar to each other and function with dissimilar determination. There will be a retail area, hotel, and condos.

Swire Properties is the owner of the project. Swire Properties has constructed developments that have renovated regions and city hubs all over the globe into exciting places where people can live in comfort for the last 40 years. Nearer to home, the company is pleased with a 30-year positive pathway best in Miami established by the expansion of Brickell Key. Swire Properties continues to authorize self-confidence in Miami with the progress of Brickell City Centre.

Figure 1(“Brickell city centre,” 2017)


Brickell City Centre is Miami’s largest mixed-use urban development, now under construction, and as such, shaping Miami’s future at large. Designed to reflect the vibrant, diverse, and rich culture Miami has to offer, the new architecture will be a unique feature in the downtown area. Aside from aesthetics, it will include one of the industry’s most innovative environmental features. Brickell City Centre rises uniquely in the sense that it is about mixed-use right downtown, in the heart of the financial district, offering a live-work-play destination. With its many green structure features, groundbreaking subversive parking facilities, and cohesive Metro Mover well-lit railway station, Brickell City Centre struggles to gross not only the LEED gold guarantee but also carry around a novel milestone in big-scale maintainable city growth. On a sprawling 9 acre site in the heart of Miami, the 51.05 billion projects will re-state the city’s Centre when its 1st segment is completed. The growth is far more than the 5 million square feet of the joint shopping mall, two luxury housing buildings, two workplace towers, and its 4-star hotel. It is all about the synergy and the integration of this small city into the big picture of Miami’s urban environment. This ambitious vision demands forward-thinking management and execution of construction. It is not just another large development; it requires careful logistics, customized procurement strategy, tight adhesion to schedule, innovations, the best quality assurance, and control of the market, all this under a sustainable vision that no other job in the State has set, both for the neighborhood and every single building(“Brickell City Centre Miami – In-Depth Look at the $1.05 billion project,” n.d.)

Brickell City Centre’s purpose is to establish a new LEED Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) certified urban redevelopment project of mixed-use properties that produce a well-proportioned area with prospects to work, watch a movie, dine in, live, shop, and socialize in the established Brickell Financial District.

Five towers will be further added to the horizon of Miami when the first construction is finished, additional 80 stories mixed-use tower will follow. As for the financial influence, the plan interprets into about 2,500 construction employments on middling per year for four years, 5,000 higher direct employments will be made, and 2,500 in-direct employments will be made after completion of the construction, and it will add additional $5 million in advertisement valorem duties for the Metropolitan of Miami.

The project is straightly connected to the Metro Mover, which is a free high electric metro routed by Miami to Dade Transportation that functions on a 4.4-mile (7 km) circle; levitation hopes that the plan may branch development of the gradually developing mass transit scheme in one of the greatest car fanatical municipalities in the country. Bicknell City Centre’s engineers are also stimulating Miami’s from time to time rough weather. The development’s supreme idiosyncratic advantage is a multi-million Climate Ribbon, a 150,0W-square-foot (14,000 sq. m) awning made up of fabric, steel, and glass wrapping the shopping mall space that is planned to yoke Miami’s Caribbean winds while bouncing the sun to produce a relaxed vulnerable air shopping atmosphere. The extremely planned canopy, the artifact of teamwork amongst a Path design firm and the universities in the U.K., is supposed to be the 1st of its kind and perhaps the chief inert covering and airing device, i.e., not reliant on air conditioning in the nation. The idea for the ribbon was established through the first design of the plan; the 1st main progress is the Miami 21 zoning code, which was intended to substitute town constructions focused on to the street and walkers as an alternative to vehicles. Those modest ideas were gusted up to a big measure to capitalize on the easterly wafts that dominate in Miami. The engineers suppose the ribbon to determine those winds to the plan’s eastern end and station them with the compound at a solid six lumps. A supercomputer typically recognized where the sun would yield mild acne at altered times of the year, and the canopy was sloped exactly to deliver the hugely desirable defense from the sun. The ribbon also positions up at the flanks in some parts to let warm air upsurge, which pulls the calmer wind over. The glass, rather than dyed, is inspired with minute black dots to sieve sunlight and warmth. In addition, the ribbon will gather rainfall, up to 4 million gallons per year, which will sewer into levies and be used for all irrigating of an area in the development. Since the AC schemes eject cooled air to retain interior air features high that ousted air will go into the community area under the climate ribbon, helping in possession down the heat(“Project Description : Brickell City Centre,” n.d.)

Brickell City Centre Project has provided approximately 194,000 cubic yards of the excavated material for beneficial reuse as backfill, both above and below the groundwater table. The underground space for cars, with 1,500 spaces for cars, gave engineers a modest way to plan road traffic movement and join all the structures. Traffic was approaching off 1-95 direction east on the one-way Eighth Street, which relates Brickell to Little Havana, will be capable of stopping into the garage net rapidly. These cars will depart the garage into the movement of traffic on 6th and 7th avenues directing west to 1-95, possession road traffic absent from the present mobbing on Brickell Street. The same parking space garage practices a smart parking organization technique letting clients and visitors rapidly classify a predicament and letting the parking space worker influence the substructure by making nesting parts, such as VIP space or cafeteria chose parking space liable on time and requirements, this develops a right advertising instrument for the trade which a unique chief presenter of the project. Bridges connecting the three blocks are also provided to provide a seamless experience for a shopper while remaining under the umbrella of the Climate Ribbon. The pedestrian bridges also become retail spaces for tenants, maximizing results in real estate, and creating interesting architectural features both from inside and also for the pedestrian at street level(“Facing the challenge of 58% of all households on the brink,” 2017)


  • Brickell City Centre will be an eco-friendly structure because it will not use any air conditions, but instead, fresh air from the coastal areas will be thrown directly into the retail area of the mall. This will be an efficient use of the fresh air, and it will help in the fight against global warming.
  • The Company should use the latest technology to cater the environment problems while constructing the project so that the construction will not have any effect on the residents of the surrounding areas.
  • All the techniques used in the projects should not have any adverse effect on the environment.
  • This project will provide 3500 jobs to the local people and flourish the tourist industry of Miami.
  • It should make sure that the construction will not affect the traffic of the adjusted areas; if disturbs, then there should be an alternative transportation route to cater to the traffic jams in the surrounding.
  • All the materials used in the construction should be transported properly so that they cannot harm anyone.
  • All safety measures should be taken to avoid any unpleasant incident


  • Room control should be integrated with hotel check-in software in a seamless manner.
  • Climate Ribbon should provide non-air-conditioned space for the retail promenade, favoring/ IMPROVING natural ventilation and providing shade to the public while collecting rainwater for recycling into other building usage.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations promoting the use of electric vehicles should be installed to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Flood control by automated flood gates in some strategic areas of the retail to help maximize the retail use and safeguard the underground infrastructure.
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water usage
  • Providing bike racks for all uses in the project, and combining the existing metro station, to invite more people to use public transportation
  • On the project management side, innovative solutions have also been deployed, such as the collocation of all team members, owners reps, architects, consultants, inspectors, general contractor,s and major subs in the same building next to the project, providing effective communication and problem-solving spirit in one spot. This allowed integrated design development to continue to occur while structures were being erected, giving the flexibility to the Owner to incorporate design changes while fast-track coordination was happening in one hub. Proactive scheduling services were also provided, from the very detailed schedule to sequence coordination, to monitor two or sometimes three shifts, six days a week on simultaneous blocks.
  • BIM use has been implemented from day one to provide a fully coordinated model of the project, under the coordination of BIM managers at the General Contractor’s levels, with dedicated BIM modelers with the trades to provide clash detection and constructability reviews.


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