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Admission Essay for Columbia University

Since my cultural competency is rooted in a lifetime of varied experiences, I believe that I can not only optimally benefit from diverse collaborative communities at Columbia but also contribute effectively towards it. Belonging to India, my early life experiences involved living in a stereotypical community where pursuing a degree in information technology was an alien notion for females. As a South Asian female of 31 years of age, and a mother to a 7-year-old daughter, I believe that I not only contribute to the diversity of Columbia but also add a new perspective to the learning environment. Additionally, since my early life experiences lacked exposure to such opportunities, I have developed an eagerness to learn through interactive communities. I am open to opinions different from my own, and I believe that the Columbia experience would enable me to broaden my views and reflect upon my existing knowledge and skill most effectively.

My interest in Columbia University is fueled by its outstanding Computer Science academic program, which is one of its best degree programs. Moreover, the Research Computing Services and the mission of this institute to be a leader in innovation, research, and knowledge advancement sets it apart from many other educational institutions. The competent faculty comprises individuals that are among the best in this field and have a vast range of expertise, which I would benefit from. Additionally, the integrated curriculum offered at Columbia would enable me to gain experience in a vast array of subjects such as operating systems, programming, and artificial intelligence among many more. Furthermore, the Columbia alumni have secured career prominent positions in the computer science industry due to the exceptional skills they acquire at this institute. My interest in Columbia is, therefore, piqued due to its remarkable integrated curriculum, the research opportunities, and the well-qualified faculty.



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