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Access to Education in New York to Illegal Immigrant

How children of illegal parents in New York can’t be involved in children education because of the barrier of the language

Illegal Immigrants in the United States goes through many difficulties. As outlined they find it hard for them to secure any formal jobs in some cases also the informal jobs. In many cases, the parent works from hand to mouth and lacks any money to save. One of the biggest challenges they face is securing formal employment from the government thus finding it hard to feed their families. The main reason why said families fled from their countries is to look for green pastures in the form of employment. Securing legal process to be a united state residence is tedious and tiresome for everybody. Apart from looking for pastures, some people migrate to the United States in order of political instability in their countries. This means they migrate to the United States looking for peace and those using the legal ways which would take long period would mean a death and the only option is an illegal way. In the New York which is one of the states in the united state has illegal immigrants from other countries. It is no different in challenges the illegal immigrants pass through in New York which is different from other states call it unemployment, racial discrimination, illegal documents and threats from local.

Children education

Majority of New York residence speaks English, Spanish, and Chinese among other languages. It simply means that if a parent comes from any other language, they will experience a difficult time in communicating. It’s not different with their children. An illegal immigrant who does not know how to communicate in English, Spanish and Chinese find it hard to stay and get an education in the New York as the three languages are the biggest spoken language there. Some of the reasons which make it difficult for illegal immigrant children to access education include

Lack of funding

The fact that the said students don’t speak native language finds it hard for the students to get funding for their education. It means the local peoples only funds pupils from their language speaking making it for illegal immigrants’ life in hell. The little funding they get is from United Nations and other charitable organizations which help them to access education although in a small percentage. Funding is an issue as the children parents are poor and cannot afford to pay for their children school fees without external help. Their parent lacks a formal job and is in another country illegally. Although from the recent research locals are now supportive to help illegal immigrants by funding their education. Look at the following trend which represents the trend from 2002 to 2012

In the above research graph, it is evident that long ago local people and donors were not will to helps peoples from other countries in matters of education. However, the trend has changed recently. Some illegal immigrants are being helped to achieve their dreams by locals.

Having no or untrained teachers

Language barriers force illegal immigrants to open their schools where their children can attend. It is because their children cannot attend the common schools which teach in different languages. The unemployment factor makes them not to be able to hire trained teachers. In some areas, they said schools lack trained teachers and severe cases the schools lack the teachers at all. The schools opened by those illegal immigrants cannot be supplied with teachers as they are in the country illegally which means the only option they have is to hire their teachers. This is where the unemployment factor comes in as they lack the required to hire their teachers to this factor. This problem could have been dealt with if those immigrants speak the native language and there are no cases of a language barrier between them and the locals. They would have attended the same schools as the other student, but they cannot speak the required languages forces them to face the challenges.

Distance from home

Some of the children from illegal immigrant parent have access to education though they are forced to walk very long distances to access the education. It is because the schools close to them are taught in different languages from them. For instance, an illegal immigrant from Spain can access Spanish class ten kilometers away from their home. Most of the nearby schools are taught in English making it very hard for the said kid to understand what is being taught. To access the educational right, the kind will have to walk for more than kilometers to access Spanish class offered in the areas. A language barrier is causing the students walk long distances as they cannot access education close to them. To make the matter worse their parents are in the country illegally meaning the government cannot intervene. The parent cannot also want the government to know to avoid deportation and in some cases detention of the parents. The parents have tried to solve this problem by buying their children motorcycles or bicycle.

Lack of learning materials

This can be explained in two ways. One is that the parent cannot afford to buy learning materials for their children. It is because the parent is in the country illegally and cannot secure any formal job meaning they lack the required money. The fact that the parent is not employed means that they cannot by the materials. The second reason is that the difference in language between them and the local makes it hard for them to buy the required materials. In the New York it is hard for the indigenous people who do not speak native language to purchase learning materials.

No classroom

The fact that the parents are in New York illegally makes it hard for their children to have a classroom for learning. They cannot get help from the government to build classes due to their illegal nature. However, they cannot attend other classes due to their language. The immigrants speak different languages from the local making it hard for them to attend the already established classes. In the area, the government sponsors the native speaking people making it hard or the immigrants who cannot complain due to their illegal status in the country. The only option they have is to attend classes to learn under the trees.

How what program can help these parents more focusing women in Harlem in New York City Spanish

Illegal immigrant mostly from Spanish origin can focus on many things to help themselves in a foreign country. The most basic and important thing to do is to register themselves in the united state and became a legal migrant. The process can be made legal by obtaining the required documents from the government. Once they obtain legal citizenship, they are recognized by the central government meaning they are legible to be provided by formal jobs. It will change their lives in the long run. Money obtained will be used to educate their children and providing their medical assistance when the need arises. Also, it will enable them to live a decent live and preferred life unlike when there are in the country illegally. Also, the women can engage themselves in the following programs to help themselves

Starting a business

In the current business world, businesses are performing very well. Starting a business will also help those women at any given time. The program of starting a personal business would work very well for the said women. The business would help them to support their family by staying in a decent house and paying for their children education in the best schools in New York. Apart from English Spanish language is the second highest spoken. It means that in New York there are a good number of Spain origins who will act as the customers to the started business. The most important shareholders in business are customers who in this case are provided by people from Spain.


Women can be involved in education programs where they can be taught how to manage their own business and also to live in foreign country. The research reveals that educating women is like educating the whole society. Simply, an empowered woman will help their families to act and behave accordingly. In simple terms, it is very hard for women to abandon their family, unlike males who do so in many cases. Empowering women with education will help them to focus more on the society.

In conclusion, people in foreign countries experience challenging life, and it worsens when they are illegally in foreign countries. To avoid those challenges, they are forced to acquire the required documents and be a legal citizen of that country. Naming a few, some of the challenges which affect illegal immigrants are unemployment, discrimination, and lack of education and in severe cases deportation to their countries.


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