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A Summary Of Blue Print For English Language Learner Success

The subject paper called “Blueprint for English Language Learner Success” elucidates the innovative challenges of New York’s ELL reforms. The newly implicated reforms in the ELL’s progression were updated according to the rules devised by the Empire State and addressed the issues of schools that serve ELLs on the K-12 level. The policy or reformation asserts a necessity for schools and districts to develop a few underlying alterations that influence ELL’s educational process. The major changes include:

  • Innovative instructional framework to expand the integration of English as a second language by implementing co-teaching strategies.
  • Setting up a district-based preamble to provide bilingual education in ELL domestic language by applying the rule of dual immersion models.
  • Particular quota specifications for ELL professional improvement for all relevant people, including mainstream, specialists, and teachers.
  • The policy reforms also highlight the imperativeness of family engagement and elucidate the need for additional parent-teacher meetings on the development of lingual proficiency.

Throughout the report, it is recommended that all states devise their strategies by benchmarking the experiences and policies of New York. For this purpose, it is advised to:

  • Formulate and commune an ELL-based vision through states
  • Devise strategies and policies to utilize mother tongue as a helping tool in the ELL learning process
  • Develop integrating policies to develop language as well as academic instructions
  • Create systems to encase statewide administrating policies, which in turn will prepare teachers to attain competency in the field of ELL and will help them to meet the improved and innovative regulatory requirements and expectations.
  • Develop planning structures to coordinate and associate with administrative practices of different institutions as well as of higher education. Moreover, the incorporation with state legislature is also significant in ensuring the optimal implementation of policies.

Assessment procedures are also important to boost the effectiveness of overall reformation, and therefore, it is required to:

  • Implicating authentic standards for assessing the efficacy of the learning process
  • Utilization of authentic and practical devices to evaluate the progress of ELL students having different impairments.
  • Application of analytical rubrics to give useful feedback on content knowledge and development of language.


Blueprint for English Language Learner Success. (n.d.).



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