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The Strengths and Limitations of the Bureaucratic Functional Model

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In the 21 century, its era of development starts man achieve many developments in different fields. Health is one which is a focal point on which man tries to make more advancement and Republicans try to give best to their citizens. Health is the sector all over the world got more attention from NGOs as well from the government side. Due to rapid growth in population, germs and disease, it is the demand of time that we update our health department according to the requirements. Time demand that we need to upgrade our health technology as well as upgrade our hospitals. A 150 beds hospital that fulfils the needs in 2005 and it is not possible that each capacity hospital meets the requirements, we need to upgrade them and extend from 150 to 300 beds. That fulfil the needs of people.

Food, health and security is the foremost priority of the state if any state cannot provide these basic needs than it is a failure of the country. Government have a substantial organisational structure, and there are particular ministries are a department that works on health and health-related issues. The main aim or purpose of this ministry or department is to facilitate their public in health. Give batter health facilities and fulfil the demands and needs of people.

When any health care centre or hospital build-up according to the demand. It fulfils the needs and requirements of the peoples that live in this area, but after a sometimes due to health facilities and other facilities the population of specific are for which hospital was construct would increase and pressure of patient increases and the capacity of that hospital decrease due to the burden of the patient. Then it is needed that we will upgrade the size of the hospital that fulfils the certain pressure patient.

Due to the development of new technologies and with time the demand of the people change, and the government needs to fulfil the requirements. Due to the rapid industrial growth and advanced lifestyle, man faces many new diseases which cause much severe health issue, such as including cancer, paediatric, cardiovascular, renal services, trauma services, aged care and community services, its needs of gave these facilities in your hospitals.

These diseases mentioned above or health issue are widespread in our society it is an alarming situation for us to pay an extra focus and take steps to solve them. These health issues are severe we need to give them extra attention. Due to the high ratio of these diseases in a society we to build a particular health centre for them and specialised staff for them. To fulfil all these requirements we need a budget. It is the responsibility of government to facilitate their citizens and their basic needs at their doorstep.

It is needed that government or organisational authorities that are responsible heir a specific and patient-friendly experience staff which can facilitate patient in this regard. All the above mention diseases are hazardous to human health, to protect human and safeguard the lives of peoples need an expert and experienced team for them which have experiences and expertise to solve this health issues.

In health sector nursing play an important role. The quality and quantity of nursing-staff play an essential role if you have advanced technology, but you have not skill full nursing staff you cannot get a particular result. When you have advanced updated technology, in contrast, you have a skill full nursing staff that operate these advanced technical instruments than you will achieve particular objectives (Blais, 2015).

Along with the quality of nursing staff, the quantity also played a significant role. If there is not required some nursing, the functions that are needed are not fulfilled on time, and certain cases are not addressed it will cause many serious problems. Due to less quantity, you will face extra burden, and they also affect the quality of staff, when you burden or pressure you cannot give the proper time it will effect your quality.

The current functional structure is an old and weak structure of the hospital. Its demand of time that we update and modify the functional structure of hospital according to the requirement of time. There are a need and time demand that you change your organisational structure according to the needs and necessity, it will help to perform your functional accurately (Laloux, 2014).

The organisational structure of any organisation or company play an essential role in the functions, that performed by the company. There are many examples where weak structure causes many problems and affect negatively on the performance of the organisation. If there is the sound organisational structure of any organisation have they have a well coordinate you see a positive change. Organizational structure is the backbone of any organisation or company.

For example, there is a well-equipped and updated medical hospital but have not well organised they cannot give required objectives. Here in hospital organisational structure mean a body of people or group of people who managed or performed the administrative function of the hospital. In any hospital, they play an important role, if a hospital is well equipped, and they are not managed properly then they do not give a definite resulted. Management plays a vital role in any organisation (Laloux, 2014).

If there is not skill full technical staff that use new technological and scientific machinery than there is no need of this updated technology if that cannot be in operation. When the advance machines aren’t used, you cannot achieve required achieve that you expected.

Nursing staff play an essential role in any medical hospital, nursing staff help technical staff and doctors to perform their duties efficiently. Nursing staff also play a part of a bridge between the patient and the doctor, if the nursing staff of any hospital performed their duties flawlessly and they patient-friendly environment that is a definite point in the success of any medical hospital. The role of nursing staff in the hospital can never be denied (Blais, 2015). The performance of any hospital highly depends upon their nursing staff.

Doctor the essential part of any medical hospital. When technical staff and nursing staff accurately performed their duties, it will help to doctor positive input in the functions of the hospital. Highly qualified and experienced doctor plays an essential role in the success of any hospital.

Technical and nursing staff and doctor have very close relations and make powerful field organisation in any hospital if they all work collectively it is perfect for any hospital because these three is an essential part of the structure of any hospital (Blais, 2015).

The organisational structure plays a vital role in the objectives and goals of any organisation. When you have a goal, objective and mission when you work for an organisation and there is an active organisation, and they work collectively it achieve required goals and objectives quickly. Strong organisation and collective work play a vital role in the success of the mission.

Importance of the organisation mission, goals and objectives:

Organizational structure is a body that defines powers and functions in any organisation that help in the smooth running of organisation or company. It will help a company how to meet the challenge and full the required demands. Avery organisation is well defined organisational structure.

The strengths and limitations of the bureaucratic functional model


The berocratic organizational structureal modeal is very organized. In more organization this structural model is apply because in this model the ratio of mistake and wrong decion is very becaused this model have a strong organizational bonds.


The current organizational model of WMH is a beuracrtic style and in burocrtic structural model is very organized high dgree of formality. Due to formilty rate this model cause many problems, when the rate of formality is high it will slow the process of development and decisions take extra time which cause many problems. WMH needs devolopent according to the needs of time and it will need that WMH upgraded but due to beurocratic modell this process is very slow and they create many problems.

The Functional Organizational Structure that might better suit the WMH:

It is a demand of time we change our organisational structure according to the needs of time, and that will help us to handle modern challenges and issues. WMH have financial resources, and it is the demand that the hospital that has 130 beds not fulfil the requirements of the people. Due to the high increase in population, it is required that we upgrade it up to 250 beds and also increase other facilities that need. It is necessary that we open new care centre specialty services including cancer, paediatric, cardiovascular, renal services, trauma services, and aged care and community services (Laloux, 2014).

The Functional Organizational Structure model that might better suit the WMH .In new structural setup, there is separated administrative services, informational services, therapeutic services, diagnostic services and support services. Each of them not interferes in the functions of other, and they are sovereign in the decision-making process. It will help to enhance the effectiveness of the WMH and meet modern demand and challenges that faced WMH.


Health and nursing have a very close relation. To give an excellent health service, you need that an excellent nursing staff. If there is patient friendly nursing staff and care about, it is perfect for the hospital. Nursing plays a vital role in hospital services. Behind any service, there is an organisational structure. Organizational structure plays an essential role in any organisation. Behind every success and failure, there is the hand of the structural body of any organisation. In the hospital, there is an organisational structure that helps to run the affairs of the hospital smoothly.

A functional regulatory structure hospital has well managed and fulfils the demands and challenges. Organizational structure is a backbone of any organisation. The Functional Organizational Structural model that might better suit the WMH as compare to burecrtic structural model.


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