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why am I willing to attend Houston Community College


My name is [NAME]. I completed my initial education at the Australian International School Vietnam, and I dream of continuing my education in one of the best colleges in the country, like the Houston Community College of Vietnam. The main aim of writing this paper is to describe myself and explain why I am willing to attend Houston Community College.


It is an honor to explain myself and the things I used to do. Among a variety of edibles, drinks, and dishes the people of Vietnam like to eat, I like white as well as brown rice as it is highly cultivated, and I have a good understanding of coffee, which is common in Vietnam. Since rice is the native cultivation of Vietnam it is highly utilized in the country and is used mostly in most dishes. Rubber trees, rice, PHỞ, and coffee are the traditional food items of the culture of Vietnam.

I am a little lazy in getting occupied with tough and active sports, so most of my time is spent sleeping and listening to country music. Since my initial life is spent in Vietnam and mostly in Hanoi where traditional music is enjoyed a lot I have built a good taste of it. The best with which I am highly occupied is the Chinese-influenced music; most of my evenings are spent listening to it. I also love to eat Asian food, find and make new friends, and have get-togethers and outings occasionally. The stir-fry dish is one of my favorite dishes, and it has lots of onions in it.

Due to my politeness and calmness, my best sports include fishing, kickboxing, swimming, and yoga. I mostly swim and fish in the summer. The winters are mostly occupied with sleeping all day habits and yoga in the night. Whenever I am stressed about work or frustrated by my economic and family pressures, I usually do kickboxing as it helps me overcome my stress levels and makes me feel good and calm. Normally I don’t do sports unless I don’t have a friend. Most of my school friends lived in the northern communities of the city while I lived in the south.

I have good hopes for my future and want to work hard. My best choice is to find a beautiful, loving, caring, and helping wife who would not be as difficult as in some difficult marriages. I always try for something good and dream of winning a great lottery which would help me build a good business. I will run that business with good management skills, which will help it grow instantly. The last and final dream of my life is to have a complete and happy family in which I would live with my wife, children, and parents to spend the best times.


The Houston Community College is close to my home, and I dream of joining it. It is one of the best institutes in which I would be able to study my favorite subjects. The college has a great reputation all over Vietnam. I am sure it will be a good step in my life to continue my education at the university level, which would help me find a job at the best corporation. It will also help me groom my skills to run my business.



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