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A Kids Place Essay

Due to unfavorable family conditions in life, there are very many kids left with no homes while some are in homes where they aren’t secure nor are they in peace. These kids are innocent and they have the right to be protected at all cost. That’s where the agency gets in and help the kids get basic needs up to a point they will be able to provide for themselves upon getting a job. Some of the reasons these children grow in foster care are negligence, abuse by some guardians or even abandoned. One of the foster homes known in the World is the Kids place (Samantha, 2017).

Name and Mission

As discussed above, the name is A Kid’s Place. It is a 60 bed home where abandoned and abused children are taken care of. The largest population are kids below the age of five. Their mission is to help children who undergo abuse and neglect grow under medical and social assistance till they are old enough to take care of themselves. The foster home is located in Brandon, Florida. Since establishment, the home has provided shelter to over 1300 children from over 550 families. The home offers great services to the children which include families like surroundings, love and cohesion, therapy services, education, dental services and toddler programs to the small children. All these services are provided all in one place. After the children are nurtured in all areas, they can be placed with their families, relatives, and adoption or private homes after they are 18 years. The home main goal is making sure the children feel at home and being their bridge towards a great future.

Funding Sources

Foster homes are nonprofit organizations and A Kids Place is not an exception. These means they have no source of income of their own. They rely on outside sources who include the government and well-wishers. In such a facility they are a lot of people who are employed to be paid to give certain services. There are professionals who give therapy services, workers who clean, teachers, food, clothes among other expenses. They all expect a pay slip end the month. The home needs capital to run. According to the latest interview, their total budget of the current period was 3.5 million. The government provided 2 million hence there is the other 1.5 million which is still a lot. That’s where well-wishers, religious groups, community, and investors come in. there are very many well-wishers who are always there to support the facility. They include founding sponsors like the Bank of Florida, corporate sponsors who are represented by The Bank of Tampa, community sponsors like the Tijuana Flats Foundation and the In-Kind partners like the Ricoh.

Social Programs Related Services

Foster children undergo lots of hardship before being brought to the agencies (Linares, 2015). They undergo medical torture because they see fights and other occurrences they are not subjected to withstand. The agency must offer social services to the children. The home offers therapy services and professional mental services. The most affected part is always the mind. The agency has got professionals who give excellent services to the kids to help there forget bad memories, accept themselves and help them solve depression issues.

Eligibility for the Social Program Services

The eligibility of the services varies in this agency. They contain children who are up to 18 years. In almost all occasions, when children undergo domestic violence, parent imprisonment or drug abuse or neglect, the services under child protection are called who are the one responsible towards allocation the children affected towards the foster home program.

Gaps in Services Related To the Social Program

There are many gaps and problems to be solved in these social programs. The services are less than enough. At first, there are less foster homes compared to the number of foster children. According to the statistics, there are over 3000 children who need foster care but there are only 264 foster homes (Barth, 2017). The homes are way less. The other gap is the services. The professional services like therapy and mental services are not possible in some homes due to lack of enough funding to get the services. Some foster homes have got problems with basic needs like shelter and enough food. Unless all these gaps are filled up then the social program is yet to bring the required impact.

The idea to Solve the Gaps

All these problems can be solved just by two things, love, and care. When the government gets the love towards the children who are innocent, they can set some amount in the treasury which can help in building more foster homes countrywide. The main problems aside from the availability of the foster homes is the finance. Everybody from the community to private investors should practice care and love and at least put some cash and resources aside to help the foster homes. If every citizen participates by first having healthy family relationships, then by being human enough to understand that the foster children are like the other children, then all these gaps can be solved.

In conclusion, this is a grave matter and foster homes should be taken seriously. The agency A Kids Place has done everything to its best over the years to accommodate and help as many kids as possible. Both the government and the private sector should be at the forefront towards foster home improvements.


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