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Admission Essay to The Southern University Law Center

Ever since I was able to acknowledge what a university is, the southern university law center is all that I’ve been hearing from my father’s family. My father is an alumni from the university and he would sometimes take me through his university days and what they were like during his time. He is definitely a proud alumni since he still talks about it to date. As I grew older and university took a greater on meaning, all I wanted to was to be a part of one of the institutions that had the best to offer for their students. All I wanted to do was to tour the southern university law center in Louisiana but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to, distance being one of the challenges but now that we have moved closer, I am definitely looking forward to a great experience in my life.

In elite high school, clubs like the lawyers society and the justice for all, which I was actively part of for two years played a major role in giving me a chance to see the lawyers world. These two clubs equipped me with the knowledge on what to expect in this field thus giving me a greater sense of wanting to be a part of this field. Nothing is more satisfying than watching justice prevail in the society. I have also been an active member of court sessions that we used to have. To be honest, at some point I found it quite easy to doubt my ability to handle this but I was able to overcome it and now more than ever, I really want to be in this field. I’m currently holding a job at Lockwood brothers. This allows me to interact with people from different backgrounds, with different attitudes etc. more so, it has equipped me on how to be patient with people and be responsible. It has also equipped me on how to relate with people and appreciate people for who they are which I believe will be a vital part of my social life.

I’ve been an active youth group member in my church thus being elected as the chairperson in charge of the youth group. I’ve helped organize events for the youth group which include trips and the biggest of them was the bishop’s inauguration. I also played soccer in high school and competed with other schools on behalf of elite high school, something that I do not intend to drop. After high school, I have coached two girls’ soccer teams for the town. Passing the knowledge and the skills to another group was fulfilling. It also gave me a great deal of responsibility as I had to take care of the girls.

For the past two years, the southern university law center has given me greater visions of my future. I see the university as a book with very many unread chapters and myself as a very eager child that wants to explore through those pages by probing into all the chapters, detail after detail, which led to my application for a place in this great university but my application was placed on hold for further review. The southern university law center offers me more than a great reputation which will help me in building a better version of myself in different ways. It offers me a large student body with diverse personalities, different attitudes, diverse likes and dislikes and many activities to involve myself in both academic and non-academic thus I am still interested in being a part of it. Offered the opportunity to be a part of this great university, I will work towards bettering myself and the people around me and most of all, fighting for justice amongst all people despite their different backgrounds.



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