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Writing Provides A Representation Of Ideologies And Identities

Writing is not only about conveying information and content but also about representing oneself. Life is unpredictable and sometimes out of control. It is something we can’t control and is continually happening. Sometimes, life gets so insane and quick-paced that we disregard seemingly insignificant details. Individuals can get into such a stream of consciousness that they tend to move past the little stuff, not understanding small, subtle elements, and concentrate on the huge.

In “The Power of Detail” by Natalie Goldberg, she talks about the significance of minor points of interest in our lives. In “On the Fear of the Dead” by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, she expounds on how demise is something individuals once in a while discuss and fear. Throughout everyday life, we fear to pass because, as opposed to concentrating on the present and what is going on, we are more worried about the future and what will happen. Recollections are something each has inside their life. Recollections are enormous occasions that have some hugeness in the individual’s life. Regardless of whether it is your fifth birthday celebration party, a relative kicking the bucket, or graduating from secondary school, everybody has recollections. The things individuals don’t all have are the little points of interest that gain up those experiences. Like the cake had a rainbow on it, what was the relative wearing the last time you saw them or every one of your companions’ names from secondary school? In the “Energy of Detail” by Natalie Goldberg, she clarifies how life can be unique on the off chance that you focus on the little things. She gives counsel, “Be wakeful to the subtle elements around you; however, don’t act naturally cognizant (Goldberg 41) regardless of whether she implies recorded, as on paper or in our psyches individuals ought to recollect the points of interest of their lives.



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