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Women Discrimination In Various Scenes


Discrimination against women has been rampant all along despite the tremendous effects of changing the situation. For a long time, the female gender has been left out of some of the important agendas. The discrimination cuts across all sectors. In many countries, especially Western countries, the trend has been improving day by day. However, the challenge has remained quite high in the Middle East as well as in the African countries. Women are mainly perceived as people who can only be entrusted with small responsibilities. For instance, research indicates that the most coveted jobs are dominated by men, leaving the women only a few portions. This is a problem that has existed all along. However, the past held the worst for the female gender. Time has brought some relief to many of the women across the world. However, more is still needed to remove the gender biases in regard to the female gender. Better regulations need to be put in place to ensure that the male and female genders enjoy equal treatment on all occasions. Generally, there is a need for the inducement of cultural change to ensure that better days are attained for the female gender. Female gender discrimination is therefore indicated in various scenes.

Discrimination In Politics

Women who desire to join politics face it hard across the world. In almost all cultures across the globe, the political positions are mainly believed to belong to the men. For this reason, there has been too much prejudice in both the elections of leaders as well as in the making of appointments. For instance, most Americans felt that Hillary Clinton could make a good president. However, they are swayed away by the fact that she is a lady and thus believed to be weaker than her male counterpart. The world holds many countries. The majority of the countries are led by male presidents, a trend that is not expected to change soon. The United States is seen to be one of the countries that fight for women’s rights. However, this proved to be a mere theory when Hilary Clinton was trounced on such an unfair basis. In Congress, for instance, most of the positions are taken by the male counterparts, leaving only a few opportunities for the female gender. This is a reflection of the entire world’s leadership. Most of the political positions are held by men. As gender representation in political leadership has been negligible, so has the ability to reverse the trend of continued discrimination.

Discrimination In Education

Discrimination in the education sector comes in from the teaching side as well as being a student. In many countries, the education of the boy child is prioritized as opposed to that of the female child. This is because many cultures believe that boys are better positioned to serve their communities than girls. For this reason, many of the professionals have been males all along. On the other hand, many of the teaching fraternity are men. This is directly proportional to the amount of effort put into ensuring that the girls attend school to the end. More male students get through school to become teachers and facilitators. However, many of the girls drop out along the way and thus fail to have a chance to meet the professional requirements.

Discrimination At Home

It is widely believed that men are the head of their families. For this reason, they have various privileges as compared to their female counterparts. The women are entrusted with more of the domestic chores as the men take their rest. To many women, this is a source of stress and overworking. To male counterparts, the culture dictates that women are the workers in their homes. Also, many of the women are discriminated against and exposed to various forms of violence. In some communities, it is considered to be okay to fight the wife. This further discriminates against the women and kills their dignity. It is the role of the government to ensure that all cultures are subjected to the common rule of law so as to protect the dignity of their women.

Religious Discrimination

Many times, religions are considered to be fair. After all, they preach justice for all. However, this has not been the case for a long time. Women have continued to be discriminated against in various aspects of the religion. For instance, the Roman Catholic Church does not allow women to be part of the priesthood. Only the male counterparts are allowed to undertake the training and become priests. The women are only allowed to serve as assistants in the church, with minor responsibilities. Also, the women in the Muslim religion are not allowed to walk onto the mosques with their male counterparts. However this may be religion, it is a sign of looking down upon women.

Cultural Discrimination

There are many aspects that have been in existence for a long time that show the discrimination of women regarding the culture. For instance, the bias has been conspicuous in the marriage aspect. In many communities, it is considered to be right for men to have many wives. In fact, the ability to have many women is considered to be a strength to the man. On the other hand, many cultures do not allow women to get married to many men. This is considered to be a taboo and even a sign of wickedness on the part of the women.

Discrimination In Employment

Women are looked down upon when they are looking for employment. Discrimination mainly comes up when women seek top positions. The positions are considered to be meant for men. This renders many of the women jobless or remain in the lower level jobs despite having similar qualifications to those of the men. In some countries, for instance, women are paid less than their male counterparts working at the same job levels.


It is clear that women’s discrimination has been in existence and is nowhere close to the end. More cases keep on arising regarding bias against women. In addition, efforts prove to be futile due to the cruel culture that places women below their male counterparts. The discrimination is too much as it cuts across many of the social and economic sectors. Women are few in political offices as compared to men due to their inferiority and stigmatization. Also, women are discriminated against in the education sector, religion, employment, and even in their homes. Therefore, there is a need for better and long-term measures to help in the elimination of the problem. Culture seems to be the main contributor to the women’s discrimination problem. Therefore, in-depth research ought to be carried out to determine what could be done to change the culture that is deeply rooted and gains support from most men. A continuous enhancement of the need to embrace women as being equal to men ought to be done to assist in the change of the culture. Also, there is a need to come up with more regulations on the inclusion of women in elective positions as well as in employment. This will eliminate the loopholes created by the culture.



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