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How Is Equality The Better Approach Compared To The Feature Of Discrimination?

The features of equality and discrimination are considered important aspects when it comes to the functioning of human beings in society. Equality or the prospect of discrimination can be observed in different paradigms of social life. Individuals are going through the issue of discrimination on the basis of different forms of difference. The form of discrimination can be identified on the basis of the difference of social or economic class, power, or any form of status that prevails in the society. On the other hand, the phenomenon of equality is entirely different from the concept of discrimination. The prospect of equality can be explained as the one crucial social paradigm that provides an equal form of opportunities for every individual to excel in society (McCrudden and Prechal). In other words, it can be identified as the specific social structure that provides equal chances for everyone to utilize different resources to be successful. Here, the focus is to provide the necessary arguments to indicate how equality is a better approach than discrimination.

Equality and discrimination are the two aspects that are considered to be contrary to each other’s social ideas. Different research studies enormously support the implementation of equality in any society, while some arguments are also present in favor of the prospect of discrimination. Some individuals come with the justification that all humans are not equal, and they can be categorized on the basis of their qualities and different attributes. This particular feature apprehends the importance of the discrimination. It is considered a crucial aspect to evaluate the application of both the elements of equality and discrimination and make necessary inferences about the effectiveness of the concepts in society.

The particular feature of equality is of immense importance in society as it treats every individual equally. There is no distinction between different groups or communities. There is an equal legal and social paradigm to provide the necessary assistance to all people. Different forms of legislation exist that ensure the necessary equal human rights for everyone without any discrimination. The existence of legal considerations indicates the importance and effectiveness of the prospect of equality. Fair treatment of everyone is the backbone of the overall concept of equality. The phenomenon of equality can be closely observed with the help of the broader social aspects of fundamental human needs, the opportunities for education, employment, health, and the facility of shelter. The prospect of equality considers everyone without considering any form of racism (Smith). It can be considered an effective approach to treat everyone equally without discrimination on the basis of their color, race, gender, etc. Equality can be considered an effective approach to treating people as it provides uniform guidelines in the case of every individual without any comparison. Undoubtedly, it is the reality that all individuals are different from each other as they think and behave differently. Everyone has their own perspective and particular approach to life, but it does not mean providing them opportunities on the basis of any form of discrimination.

Different looks or different perspectives cannot be the reason to discriminate against people and limit the opportunities for the prospect of their development and success in life. It is necessary to understand that being different from the majority is not something bad. People should openly accept the features of diversity in the case of other individuals to lead every individual in society to the facet of the development of society. It is one of the core responsibilities of society to provide an equal chance for everyone to utilize their potential to achieve what they want in life. Some people believe that people are different from each other on the basis of their beliefs, race, or gender, so there should be a different paradigm to provide the resources and opportunities to different groups that prevail in society. This particular approach cannot be accepted as it can be the reason for the segregation of society into different groups that are only concerned about their own interest. The collective approach for society can only be accomplished by considering the benefits of every stakeholder related to the broader aspect of the social approach.

There is evidence of the historical perspective, which indicates the evolution of the different societies concerning the features of equality and discrimination. People immensely fought for equal rights on the basis of the basic paradigm of human rights. The Civil War is one example that shows the struggle of one specific community to gain their desired position in society. The feature of equality is the basic concern of the activist, and they work hard to gain their rights. Today’s society is somewhat different from previous times in terms of equality, but there is still a crucial need to address this particular issue effectively and efficiently. The major argument that is raised from the perspective of equality is that all individuals are not equal naturally. They are different from each other on the basis of different set patterns. It is objected that not all people have the same capacities to perform different tasks or that people are different because they come from different backgrounds. They all have different approaches to living their lives by adopting different forms of options or chances available to them. This particular argument can strongly be rejected as it is crucial to mention that if individuals are different from each other, that does not mean that they are not equal.

On the other hand, the feature of discrimination can be considered as the opposing concept of equality as it encourages unfair or different behavior in the case of different people. The facet of discrimination comes up with the particular approach that people are different due to different forms of societal characterization, so it is essential to provide different forms of opportunities to different people. The historical feature indicates that different societies adopt different elements of discrimination. People are discriminated against in many different farms (Fiske). Individuals face the issue of discrimination as workers. Women have to face different problems just because of the facet of gender discrimination. Different forms of prejudice can be witnessed in the different aspects of society. There are some groups in every society that suffer due to the different aspects of discrimination.

In the end, it is crucial to understand the importance of the concept of equality. It is crucial and beneficial for society to consider the importance of every individual and provide an equal chance of opportunity to everyone. The paradigm of discrimination can only be the source of segregating societies into different groups. It can be characterized as a problematic feature as it can create different forms of anxiety and helplessness in particular underprivileged groups of society. It is one of the crucial social perspectives that everyone is treated equally, and people can excel in their life lives with the help of necessary opportunities.

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