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Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is situated next to the town of Windsor in the county of Berkshire, England, and was constructed in the 11th Century, after the Norman invasion of England by William, the Conqueror. It is the oldest and the largest citadel of the world covering an area of about 5 hectares (13 acres) which is strongly held by the English and the subsequent British Royal Family which is the official residency of Her Majesty, the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. It embodies a rich architectural history of almost a millennium due to which it is a widely acknowledged tourist attraction in the contemporary world with some of its chambers still open to the public to get acquainted with the historical manifestations of medieval times.

If I were a medieval lord, I would defend my castle from enemies by strategically re-engineering my castle’s defensive mechanisms initially by designing a moat around the castle to compel the enemy to cross the water along with constructing multiple strata of curtain walls to trap the invaders between two or three layers of walls; and improving the skill sets of my brigades and regiments, providing them with advanced weaponry and armor, to deteriorate the first two waves of enemy right in their way before reaching the boundaries of the castle besides employing flammable crossbows and spiked arrows to shoot them in their waterways.

Feasting and Dancing are such events that were considered lively occasions not only for the Kings and their ministries but also the populace in the medieval era as these were deemed as a source of uplifting their spiritual morale and deepening social cohesion. There would be music and mystic dance to entertain my guests before the start of the banquet to induce a colorful and pleasant serenity in the gathering. I would entertain my guests and fellow knights by organizing medieval banquets and lavish feasts for them; drinking cups of beverages and red wine along with nuts in the glorious halls of my castle to relax and enjoy peace besides harmony.

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