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Why US force Japanese citizens of San Francisco to the internment camps

To understand the main reason for the US forcing Japanese citizens of San Francisco to the internment camps, an overview is required of the whole scenario. The Pearl Harbor attack was the incident that instigated the relocation of Japanese Americans. According to the editorial writers, the major argument in favor of this step was that the relocation of people from certain areas was for security purposes. The order was not designated for any specific ethnic group or race. As a matter of fact, Japanese citizens were in the areas where constant danger was lurking over them. Therefore, Execution Order 9066 was issued and these people were moved to internment camps. The Japanese citizens were not posing threat to national security, but they were vulnerable to enemy attacks in San Francisco. There are many other editorial writers who are providing their point of view on the positive aspects of the detainment of Japanese in San Francisco. (About This Collection | Japanese-American Internment Camp Newspapers, 1942-1946 | Digital Collections | Library of Congress, n.d.).

As the other editorials suggest, these people of Japanese descend were loyal to the U.S and therefore these people were happy to move to the internment camps for their own safety. As my classmate (A) post affirms this notion, these people were aware of the danger lurking over them in these areas. The U.S government had also promised them compensation in form of monetary rewards. The editorial writers convinced these people that this relocation was for their own good. I somewhat agree with my peer’s post because these people were compensated after living in the internment camps. Subsequently, after spending a time period Execution order 8802 was issued. The racial discrimination in the military was effectively reduced after Execution order 8802 was issued. The American government made sure that after the detainment each Japanese detainee was provided with financial compensation for their distress.

According to my personal views, the American government took these intervention measures for the protection of their national security which is a valid reason for the relocation of people of Japanese descent. As all the editorial writers suggest, classmate (B)’s response also validates my point of view. No better alternative could have been taken for these Japanese citizens in America. The American government was working for the welfare of all communities living in the country before World War 2. After the attack at Pearl Harbor, America issued Execution order 9066. This is the reason which gave rise to the detainment of Japanese living in San Francisco in the internment camps. The Japanese community was also facing a warzone threat in San Francisco which is why the American military had to evacuate the Japanese citizens from the area. Whatever, the American government did was for their defense, national security and to protect their citizens (of Japanese descent) from the consequences of war.


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