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Why Some People Can’t See The Hidden Images In Magic Eye Pictures


Page number 189 depicts a magic eye picture that hides an illusion of Yoda within. I tried different techniques to make the hidden picture clearer to me, and it took some difficulty in spotting the image finally. Evidently, not everyone can see the hidden images within magic eye pictures the reason behind is the synchronization of eyes with each other and of course with the brain. To view any 3D stereo magical eye image one’s eyes are supposed to work in harmonization. Otherwise, the viewer would encounter some anomaly in their two-eyed vision. Such disharmony also can cause some glitches in stereo visions which refer to the two vaguely different views from eyes that amalgamated in the brain. The most common reasons for having such impairments to binocular of stereo visions are misalignment or digression in one or both peepers. In such cases, one eye is dominant to the other due to some underlying visual prompt that transmits an image either weakly or not at all.

However, if your eyes are clinically fit and do not have any binocular or stereo imparity, then it would require just a simple trick to see the visuals hidden in 3D magic eye picture. And of course, it is not my credit to invent a sly technique; as creators of 3D magic eye pictures suggest the method. Print the magical eye picture and grab the center of image closest to the nose. Initially, the picture would be blurry, but it is recommended to maintain focus by looking through the picture into the expanse. Now unhurriedly move the picture away; make it as slow as possible, and try to grab fast on the focus. Try a few times and Tada! You have seen the hidden image, Congratulations. But! If no technique makes the image visible to you, then believe me the fault is not in your stars (magic eye picture) but your eyes. And you should consult an eye doctor immediately.


A., Kim, D., A., & Zeon Santos. (2018). Why Some People Can’t See The Hidden Images In
Magic Eye Pictures.



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