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Which physical characteristics play an important role in our perception of others?

Perception is our sensory experience of our general surroundings and includes acknowledging natural jolts and actions in response to these stimuli. Through the perceptual procedure, we pick up data about properties and components of the situation that are necessary for our survival. Various factors work to shape and sometimes mutilate perception.

All these factors collectively can reside either in the perceiver, the object or target that is being perceived, or the context of the situation in which the perception is being made. Physical characteristics play an important role in our perception of others. I have listed five physical characteristics that have affected my perceptions of people.

One of the physical characteristics is the height of the targeted person, which is being perceived. It is also a well-established fact that height influences the perceived character of men, but very little evidence exists regarding the impact of height on the perception of women. However, in my past experiences, I have always perceived tall people as more intelligent, assertive, affluent, and ambitious than the short ones. In my past experiences, people who were tall always seemed talented and smart to me. There’s a strong association between intelligence and height, and it is evident from doctors as well that people in good health are taller and more intelligent than others.

Another physical characteristic that influences my perception of people is the voice. Louder people are more likely to be noticed in a group than the quiet ones. Apart from me, everyone notices people and concentrates on what they say as compared to other people. People who talk too fast are perceived as nervous and unsure by me. Various doctors suggest that patients should have a low-pitched voice instead of a shrill voice while talking. People with low-pitched voices seemed to me more sensible and educated than others. The tone of the voice indicates the mood of the person. Furthermore, the depth of the conversation and the topics the target chose give clues about his intelligence.

Facial expressions play an essential part in perceiving others. I have always regarded people with grins as nerds and not friendly. However, just a smile can make the person seem friendly as compared to others. Apart from me, most people don’t prefer talking to a person with a serious look as it appears that he might not have the same sense of humor as you possess and might take things more seriously than you should. Thus, I have always talked to people with a friendly look, compared to people with a serious look. It’s quite apparent as the facial expressions portray the other person’s personality.

Dressing sense plays a vital role in perceiving the people. I have seen a lot of people at various events who dressed well and those who wore untidy clothes. After comparing and analyzing both different people, I found that people with well-dressed getups seem to be classier and more attractive than others. Hence, people love to stay in the company of those people with clean clothes and avoid being in touch with untidy people. A person’s clothes tell whether a person cares about his personality in front of others or doesn’t even bother about what others think about him. I have seen people with attractive and well-dressed looks getting more favors and being awarded high starting salaries. Moreover, people dressed in business suits are thought to be professionals.

Eye contact is also one factor that influences my perception of others. Maintaining good eye contact and greeting people in various meetings demonstrate respect and build relationships. In the past, I have seen people establish eye contact with individuals and the group to communicate openness and honesty. These people tend to deliver their message more openly and easily than other people who cannot maintain eye contact. Eye contact usually reflects the person’s confidence. People who can establish eye contact are often exposed to more opportunities.



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