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Whether Facebook or other forms of Social Media can Generate Isolation


Technological innovation has had a lot of effects on the nature of many individuals, as most tend to be more active in social media networks due to advanced technological knowledge. The knowledge of the internet brought a lot of hope and fear at the same time due to its impact on the individuals involved. However, the advanced level of technology today has become the normal medium, and many can get access to a medium such as television and telephone, which seems to spread so faster than we expected. The internet has drastically changed the lives of many individuals. This article on the topic addresses whether or not social media, such as Facebook, create isolation for individuals.

There are changes in the key today due to internet use, such as the method of communication becoming too fast for the whole world, and most people can get connected in spite of individual locality in the world. Meanwhile, most people are in the middle of transformation due to technological advancement, which is facilitated by networked computers and expressive communication through the internet. This social communication among individuals via an internet connection, for instance, Facebook and other forms of social media communication, has made it possible to reach many individuals in a short period of time, though much isolation is created, despite this other negative impact created by this social media.

Society has created a loss of contact among the people in the communities; for instance, the scrutiny is done on the consequences elevated by the internet from the time the technological advancement came into existence; these effects have brought in a lot of concern and organizations involved have made many debates to raise issues associated with it. The argument is made on how social media create an isolated nature for many individuals involved as most people are losing personal contact with their families as well as their close relatives or friends as the people tend to spend most of their time on social media such as Facebook as a form of communication to their close associate and give little attention to those whom they should be with personal contact and share what could be important yet this is now happening under very little circumstances. This creates a lot of fear among communities or citizens at large due to the loss of face-to-face contact in the community.

This is most likely to destroy the communities or citizens as they pay much attention to social media as they believe it to be a faster way of conveying information even though, through the literature review, social media creates most fear in the citizens regardless of the benefits associated with it. Modernity in the world has seriously weakened some of the important traditional activities that bring communities together, and this can confirm the isolation of most people in society due to the use of social media as a form of communication with others. This isolation is claimed to be a result of modernity.

The online transfer of information has impacted the culture of the communities heavily, as most people don’t have time to have close associations. People spend the most time chatting online as a form of communication, therefore, no time is created for all the individuals to come together and share some cultures of a particular community. Social media creates a platform for the exchange of essential things, and therefore, there is no need to gather together as people have a preference for chatting through phone conservation and many other online duties carried out through personal contact communication, hence bringing separations of people.

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have prevented most of the touching work that one has to get involved in. Information can be solidly passed to other individuals, and most ideas based on political issues and business activities, such as advertisements, can be done without one necessarily having close contact with their neighbors, and each day may go without an individual feeling like getting in touch with some of the relatives they can be easily through the social media.

On the other hand, even though social media create isolation and the fear and belief that this destroys the local society the internet also has a positive impact on society, such as it gives chances of individuals opportunities as many can increase their efficiency to meet new people and enhance the speed of several transactions hence keeps time and therefore, avoid time wastages on some personal contact activities required. Social media has created a standoff among individuals, and this makes it harder for one to know his or her whereabouts with others, hence bringing about isolation besides the positive effects posted on people’s lives.


In conclusion, social media sites such as Facebook can produce isolation among people in society despite the positive impact. The technological advancement in social media has made it possible to generate fear in the societal setup as it can create. Every individual should have enough to control her or himself, bearing in mind that the use of social media has some negative effects and learning to cope with situations.



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