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Where Do Social Studies And Special Education Intersect?

Evidently, the field of empirical research lacks evaluation on the topic of social studies, which provides services regarding special education. An examination of statistics depicts that professionals in social studies have limited authority over writing and, therefore, appear less in social studies journals. Special educators have written a large number of research papers that have been recognized and published primarily in journals of specific education. However, the majority of literature highlights the direct tactics and scheming that enhance the academic results for special students. However, such literature features a limited scope of inquiry-based investigation and an improved level of consideration in the subject areas.

Throughout the evaluation period, two assessments elaborate on strategic teaching to sustain literacy by augmenting the acquisition of new words, smoothness in reading, and understanding of text and writing skills. Similarly, another research study elucidates the role of technology in boosting the efficacy of jotting down notes as well as project-based education and comprehension of content knowledge. On the other hand, two more research studies cover issues such as historical investigation, critical thinking processes, problem-solving skills, and persuasive writing tactics. Additionally, a few literature reviews conducted in the previous decade generated some empirical research to address the instruction-based learning strategies for special students in the specific settings of social studies. Many of empirical research studies and practitioner-based writing pieces devise the planning for teachers to assist special students to understand the content of social studies. Nevertheless, these studies have minimal consideration for higher-level thinking and reasoning regarding historical implications. Furthermore, the element of authentically powerful quality of social studies is also absent from these studies. Apparently, the association and incorporation are increasing rapidly among teachers and practitioners of special education and social studies.


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