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What Is Required For Salvation?


God made the way to salvation very simple, but people still create much confusion about it. Some individuals say that what we should do is believe in Jesus Christ. They argue that repentance and submission to the Lord are not necessary for salvation. However, others believe that joining the church, being baptized, giving church offerings, and doing a good job are all that is required for salvation.

Salvation does not work; it is done by faith.

Salvation is believing in Jesus Christ as our savior who came to the world and died because of our sins.

Faithful once acknowledged that Jesus is the son of God who was born as a common person and letter died on the cross for our sins.

We believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit that guides Christians in their daily activities.

Salvation is complete trust and belief in Jesus Christ.

Believing in Jesus Christ involves repentance from initial sins, surrendering our lives to Jesus, and having full trust in Jesus.

For the believer, repentance and salvation are always equated.

Repenting our sins and accepting the existence of Jesus is the only way of surrendering our life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Salvation is the beginning of a new brand life.

When the individual is saved, he begins a new life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit works within the believers by convicting us of sins, guiding us to a new way of obedience, and drawing us to repentance.

After salvation, we start as spiritual babies, and we continue to grow as followers of Jesus Christ.


Therefore, the way to salvation is simple, and there are only four steps for one to be saved. That is, the individual should recognize that he is a sinner, accept that Jesus died on the cross for you, repent of your sins, and finally receive Jesus as your savior. It is a gift of salvation because it has nothing to do with what you did initially, your present or future. All was done by Jesus Christ when He died on the cross.



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