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Religion and Theatre

What Godawa was trying to say by quoting Geoffrey Hill’s comparison of the Modern Movie Theater and Religious Temple?

By quoting Geoffrey Hill’s message, Godawa was attempting to say that the movie theatre is a church-like site where people visit to escape the world realities, to be excited, as well as be in the company of others.

Parallels that exist between what happens at the Temple and what happens at the Movie Theatre

The parallel that exists between what occurs at the church and what happens in the movie theatre is; the connection between movie theatre and church (Godawa, 2009). A church is known to be an area isolated for particular purposes. On the other hand, a movie theater is a location isolated for varying particular objectives. Therefore, movie theatres and churches happen to have a firm relationship. This means that the fundamental form of theatre is identical to that of many temples. For instance, in both church and theatre, the major stage is usually elevated to ensure a better view. Also, the congregation sits in rows pointing to the stage.

Ways in which Church and Movie Theatre can be said to have the same Objective

Temple and Theatre can be said to have identical goals in ways such as team spirit, group building actions as well as persuasion, and persistence. Both church and theatre motivate individuals to function towards a similar objective to accomplish a team spirit. A group spirit can be defined as an environment in which every person functions as part of a group (Godawa, 2009). Furthermore, both church and theatre persuade individuals to work together to accomplish a similar objective. They do this by convincing people that they will all get a prize if they accomplish the same goal. This prize could either be pride in their accomplishment or a material reward. In addition, church and theatre utilize team-building practices to motivate people to function towards the same objective (Godawa, 2009). Team-building exercise is a method that allows individuals to get to understand one another much better and begin to strengthen their relationships as they engage in activities that need collaboration as a team.

The Impact of Theatre in its role

I think that the theatre has a positive impact on its role. This is because even in Hollywood Worldviews, winter states that the theatre has a great effect on the culture of thinking. Also, Godawa states “a good sermon is like a good movie”. Furthermore, he states “God is such a creative author that he embodies both myth and history into his narrative of redemption”.


Godawa, B. (2009). Hollywood worldviews: Watching films with wisdom and discernment. InterVarsity Press.



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